Last-minute, but I just remembered this is on tonight. The full show is four hours this time around.

Matches plus my picks:

Tag team championship match: Prime Time Players (c) vs New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores. I pick New Day. Good tag team that is over as heels.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus. Sheamus.

IC match: Ryback (c) vs Miz vs Big Show. The Miz has lost to each of these guys for the last few weeks. That usually signals a swerve. I choose the Miz.

Neville and Stephen Amell (yes, the actor from the Green Arrow) vs Stardust and King Barrett. Neville and Amell.

Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler. These two guys were so over 10 months ago, and now they've lost momentum. I want Rusev to win, but they'll probably go Ziggler. I still go with Rusev though. They need to build him up as a monster heel again.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro. Cesaro.

Women's match: Team Bella vs Team B.A.D. vs PCB. Team Bella.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Wyatt and Harper.

Title vs Title match: Seth Rollins vs John Cena. Rollins wins, Sheamus cashes in his money in the bank title shot, and wins. But then that opens a debate over which title Sheamus actually won.

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker. Undertaker.