Wow- 4 episodes in and they're deviating like never before. Its like watching an alternate universe- lol! :P

Im not gonna be a total fanboy and go nutty over how different it is- because we all knew this was coming- but Im still a little disappointed. Not just that its different- but that so far its "lazy" different. Subtle and complex plot points are just mushed together or dumbed down WWE style (SPOILER!) Cersei arming the faith. In the book there is a complex and engaging reason. In the show its just kind of this half-hearted justification based on her war with Margaery. Bronn and Jaime is kind of cool- but again it feels more like "Hey wouldnt these two be badass together?". In general its starting to feel less plot driven and more "reactoon" driven- if that makes any sense- lol!

Anyways- I know i sound like a book fanboy whining right now- so Ill cut it short- but im really hoping the writing picks up steam soon. even the dialogue is starting to feel recycled. Still great stuff though- just being a hater :P