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Thread: Game of Thrones fans will have to wait...

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    I read the books, and then was thrilled when they announced the show. Then the shows came out and it was perfect - because I remembered enough of the books to understand the show better...yet forgot enough of the books to still be surprised at some things. The latest book came out while the shows were going and I read that one right away. By the time the show catches up to that point, I will have forgotten a lot of it too. I must say, I'm really enjoying both. I'm not sure how much is the result of "partially forgetting" the novel storyline.
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    To each his own, I'd guess. Athough I'd say that enjoying the greater benefit of the one might be more enriching and vital than necessarily enjoying both. But you'll have to arrive at that judgement on your own.

    Reduced enjoyment of the film treatment because you recognize its inferiority to your enjoyment of the source material is not a tragedy, believe me. It's why books have managed to endure in the video age.
    I have never found that to be the case.
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