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Given the Raptors mantra I doubt they’d ever sign a big name player again. Jermaine O’Neal, Camby,Turkoglu, Alston, Kleiza, Kapono, Fields, and Olajuwon were all players signed in the past that failed. Seems like Toronto is going to play it safe and not go big anymore, especially with Ujiri running the team, he’s too smart for contracts that aren’t needed.
Wouldnt say any of those guys, other then Turk, were big name signings AT THE TIME. Hakeem was past his prime but a solid contributor & mentor in their development. Not sure(even at time) what BC was thinking with the JO deal. He was clearly washed up. But credit to him he cleaned up the that and Turk mess fairly well in terms of fixing their cap situation. The rest of those names were average players who would play in Canada for more money.