My buddy and I are looking for a salary cap league in Fantrax that we can manage as a co-op.

Our Profiles:
We're both based in the GTA and looking for a league that differs from one we already run in Fantrax. The league is a bit stale at times and we want to ply our trade against another committed group of managers. Since we're in other leagues already, we're not looking for something enormous, like a 24 team league or a league with 50 roster spots - something engaging and interesting without requiring a PhD to navigate.

We primarily want a league with dedicated managers who essentially follow these rules:

Our criteria:
Salary-cap Dynasty league
Must be in Fantrax
Established 10-12 team league (not looking for a start-up)
Some farm system would be nice, and categories that make sense

Additionally, we'd like to take over a tire-fire of a team. We're both perennial favourites in our current league and are looking for a different element in fantasy, as being at the top can be a little boring. We want to build something up from scratch- take that problem team in your league, and turn it into a consistent championship threat.

Any takers?