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Thread: Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

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    Default Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

    Is Mackinnon worth that trade?

    At forth looking at all NHLs that played their first game last year, I would likely take Trouba.

    Ovie and Trouba for Mackinnon...
    I am thinking of making this offer.
    Salary Cap League:
    13 Team, G, A,+/-, W-2, OTL,SO-3
    30 max, 21 weekly active roster (12F, 7D, 2G)
    Note: Our league is 1 year behind in terms of available players and salary. Salary doesn't change for length of Pool contract.

    F-Ovechkin,Eberle, Tatar, Galchenyk, Gaudreau, Duclair, Frolik, Namestinkov, Trochek, Spooner, Andreghetto, P.Kane, Bjugstad, Fabbri, Ehlers, Andrighetto
    Ceci, Holden, Schultz, Klefbom, Savard, Yandle, TVR, Clendening

    (*) = Multi year deal

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    Default Re: Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

    Tough decision but in your case I'd rather use the 4th on Rielly or Trouba and try to use another piece to get MacK

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    Default Re: Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

    I don't mind the Ovi for Mack part in a cap league. The 4th is what makes it difficult because your biggest weakness is on defense. I'd keep what you have and use that pick to address your biggest need.

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    Default Re: Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

    Ovi is only going to decline under a defensive trotz system. Gone are the days he floats around the ice and doesn't back check claiming his job is to score goals. Mackinnon is an elite super star in the making. Get him.

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    Default Re: Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

    Since you don't track SOG, and you do track +/-, Ovechkin certainly loses some serious value. However, he's going to destroy in the goals category, and that's a tough place to pick up extra stats in. Since you are shipping off a pick as well, I just don't see the upside in this for you. You'd need every single thing to go right here to make it worth it as a deal.

    I wouldn't do it.

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    Default Re: Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

    I would take Mackinnon.
    Ovechkin's lowest value is in this format: Points... with a downgrade if he's a MINUS player again.

    Mack is going to be a PLUS player for years... with enough points to be within 10pts of Ovechkin this year, likely every year after.

    Definitely Mackinnon for me.

    I gladly give up the 4th/Ovechkin for Mackinnon.
    That's a 10-year plan trade right there (assuming your league shows strength to last that long).

    I have serious concerns that the wheels come of Ovechkin in the next couple years.
    Shooters, snipers, north of 30... I don't like it.

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    Default Re: Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

    I'm on the MacKinnon side of this as well - I don't see Ovi aging like fine wine - unless you're in serious "Win Now" mode - I'll take MacKinnon here.
    16 Team Full Keeper. Total points. Protection List (Expansion) In Bold, Minor League (Protected) in Bold Italics.

    Start 10 F, 4 D, 1 G

    3 Points: SHO, 2 Points: G, PPA, SHG, SHA, W, 1 Point: A, PPG, GWG, .25 Points: BLK, .1 Points: FOW, SOG, SV, .15 Points: HIT, -.05 Points: FOL, -.15 Points: GA

    Forwards: Backstrom, Beauvillier, Benn, Caggiula, Gourde, Hawryluk, Keller, Kuznetsov, MacKinnon, Marchessault, J. T. Miller, Spooner, Svechnikov, Tarasenko, Toews

    Defense: Barrie, Brannstrom, Honka, Krug, Matheson, Phaneuf, Shattenkirk, Walman

    Goal: Broissiot, Dubnyk, Markstrom

    2014-15, 2016-17 MHL Champions!

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    Default Re: Ovi + 4th for Mackinnon

    Look at the first line in his sig "Salary Cap League"

    Ovechkin: 50G 30A - $9.53 million
    MacKinnon: 35G 40A - $925,000

    so you lose a few goals but you save $8.5 million to spend elsewhere, that's a great bang for the buck

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