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Thread: What does the future hold for Pekke Rinne??

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    A septic hip is kind of a hard injury to ignore or dismiss in a goalie, at least for me it is.

    It could turn out to be a chronic issue that causes him to miss starts over the long run. Evaluating him based on a short stint of games or a given tournament could be misleading. That doesn't mean that hip will hold up under an 82-game season.

    My position is that I would consider buying him as a buy-low, but if his owner is selling him as the Rinne-That-Was, I'm definitely going to take a pass.

    If I owned Rinne, I'd be plenty nervous but I expect I'd hold him. But then my philosophy in these type of things is to ride 'em till they crash, rather than to give something up for a bag of pucks. But that's just me.
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    I think the fact that Rinne lost Mitch Korn as his goalie coach has to be taken into consideration. As goalie guru Justin Goldman has pointed out numerous times a good goalie coach can make a world of difference for a goalie. Look at Varlamov as an example. When he first landed in Colorado he didn't even have a goalie coach. Then they bring in Francois Allaire (legendary goalie coach) and look what Varlamov was able to do last year. I'm not saying Korn is the entire reason Rinne has had success in Nashville but I would be very surprised if he was able to return to form and put up the elite numbers he has in the past.

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