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Thread: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

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    Default J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    Would you trade Gaudreau for Toffoli. I would appreciate your comments
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    D = Byfuglien,Carlson,Boychuk,M.Weber,Lovejoy,Muzzin,S ubban
    G = Lehtonen,Bishop,Allen

    Start= 3lw 3c 3rw 6d 2g

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    No only because LA are such a weird offensive team in regular season and I wouldn't trust any king apart from kopitar (and maybe Gaborik) for regular production until I see it for an extended period - they averaged 2.41 goals in reg season v 3.4 in play offs

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    You should always be careful buying a player on a "high". The Kings are obviously all a little inflated right now. I'd sit tight.
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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    I would prefer Toffoli easily. Don't out-smart yourself by overanalyzing the opportunities on LA and CGY. Yes Toffoli's value is high because of the playoffs but it also means he has established himself in the NHL. He might not alway be on the right line or on the first powerplay but there is a lot more certainty then a guy who has played 1 NHL game. To give you Dobber's prespective, Toffoli is #2 on the prospect list while Gaudreau is #25.

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    Tough call. On the one hand, you have a guy who seems to have established himself as a legitimate top-6 player. Amazing chemistry with Pearson and Carter. Scores at every level he`s played.

    But on the other hand, you have a prospect that likely won`t be in the NHL next year. Who`s about the size of Nathan Gerbe, playing on a Brian Burke team.

    Or, to put it another way, Dobber lists Toffoli as having a higher upside, a higher 3YP, and Toffoli is much further along in his development.

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    I think people underestimate Gaudreau's ceiling quite a bit. Plenty of opportunity in Calgary and looked amazing against Vancouver. He's not far behind Toffoli.
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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    Toffoli is the guy here. I like what I've seen from Gaudreau (1 game in Vancouver), but Toffoli is so much safer with a sweet upside. Johnny G. is a big question mark, while Toffoli has been mitigating that risk for the past season + 2 playoffs.

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    Toffoli has come along quite well and doesnt show signs of regression. He has a knack for scoring goals and LA obviously trusts him with a top 6 role. Go with the surer bet, which in this case is Toffoli
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    Landeskog $5.5m, Tatar $4.5m, Spooner $3m

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    In this case, I have to go with the guy who has played more NHL games, and as such I have to give the nod to TT. Gaudreau may have a higher ceiling, but he hasn't done anything yet in the big show. Toffoli is only going to get better too and he is going to play with the Kings for sure next season.

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Baby View Post
    Toffoli has come along quite well and doesnt show signs of regression. He has a knack for scoring goals and LA obviously trusts him with a top 6 role. Go with the surer bet, which in this case is Toffoli
    My thoughts too. TT has the nack for finding the back of the net and being in the right place at the right time. He reminds me a little of Tarasenko. Yes he's in the top 6 and LA will be a very good team for awhile yet. Proven over potential at this point. IF positions matter, then I might analyze this a little more, I failed to look.
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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    Toffoli will end up like a Ryder. I'd pick him over gaudrewu who still has plenty to prove and has many obstacles to overcome.

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    Toffoli. He has a more defined role and has more experience and still very very young.

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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    Toffoli as he is more established.
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    Default Re: J.Gaudreau vs T.Toffoli

    If you're only considering for next year, then Toffoli. This being the "One Year" forum, that's your pick.

    If you're looking at a longer term, I'd gamble on Gaudeau. NHLE of 65 this year, made NHLers look silly at the worlds.

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