As a Panthers fan i don´t know, if i would like this deal. As most of you guys know i disagree at Pengwins statement that the Cats can get Eichel/McDavid so this changes things a bit. They will sign FA´s and move away from the bottom three IMO. The Posts saying that the Panthers are only planning to spending to the cap floor are flat our wrong, as Viola and Tallon have stated multiple times now.

Phaneuf seems to have to become really underrated arround here so i wouldn´t mind adding him even at that salary, i also like the idea of shipping Jovos contract somewhere else. Phaneuf would become the 2nd best D we got without a doubt.

The thing that would worry me the most is the value that Kadri has. We do not need a center, but could the guy turn into a winger? It might be possible since his weaknesses are clearly his defense and he would not need to care about that as much if he plays the wing.

I think i could like this deal if Ehlers is still on board, not so much if the pick would end up being Nylander. But all this discussion is lacking IMO is how far the drop off between #1 and #8 is. And it is smaller than in other draft years.

Sadly the one time we win the lottery the Nr.1 pick isn´t that big of a prize.