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Thread: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

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    Default Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    SJS Sharks Trade
    Sidney Crosby
    Brayden Holtby
    Evgeni Nabokov

    TOR Maple Leafs Trade
    Zach Parise
    Tuukka Rask
    Illya Bryzgalov

    14 team league
    1) Skaters (G, A, +/-, PIMS, SOG, HITS, BKS, PPP, SHP)
    2) Goalies (GS, W, SV, SO, GAA, SV%)

    I finished 3rd this year
    I'm now left with quick,luongo,holtby,Nabokov in net.
    Winnipeg Jets Roster
    18 Teams

    Winnipeg Jets Roster

    C - Sidney Crosby (PIT)
    C - Carl Soderberg (COL)
    C - Evgeni Malkin (PIT)
    C - Tyler Bozak(TOR)

    RW - Jarome Iginla (COL)
    RW - Loui Eriksson (BOS)
    RW - Marion Hossa (CHI)
    RW - Johan Franzen (DET)
    RW - Jeff Skinner (CAR)

    LW - Shane Doan (PHX)
    LW - Alex Semin (CAR)
    LW - Patrick Marleau (SJ)
    LW - Antoine Vermette (PHX)
    LW - Brad Richards (DET)

    D - Andrei Markov (MTL)
    D - Mike Green (DET)
    D - Zdeno Chara (BOS)
    D - Alex Edler (VAN)
    D - Jason Demers (DAL)
    D - Alex Goligoski (DAL)
    D - Jadon Garrison (TBL)

    G - Semyon Varlamov (COL)
    G - Cory Schneider (NJ)

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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    I think that if its a question of quality versus quantity you did well. You got the best player in the deal so the simple answer is you won the deal. No I don't think you overpaid. Rask is a key part of any goalie setup but with the Quick and Luongo tandem you seem to be fine for starts and saves. Depending on the situation in Washington Holtby could settle things nicely if everything plays itself out.
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    Did you overpay? Nope. Not at all. I would take the Crosby side any day of the week
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    Easy take the Crosby side in this deal.
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    Love the deal! If Holtby turns it around, you win big!
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    This trade is very well-balanced. Good job. I like either side of this deal

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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    Usually when Crosby is part of the group coming in, it's not overpaying
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    It's a win right now. If Holtby can re-establish himself as a good starter then it is a landslide victory.
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    He must have needed a goalie to do that deal. Crosby side wins.
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    Crosby is the best player in the deal and you can afford to give up Rask and Bryzgalov with the goaltenders you have. Parise may be hard pressed to top 70 points. The other GM must have needed the goaltending to part with Crosby; I would think that the trade probably works well for both teams.

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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    You did well. hard to give up those goalies, but when you get Crosby back, its difficult to say you overpaid.
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    Love the trade for's pretty hard to overpay for Sid, and you did not. Well done
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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    With those categories - I think it''s an overpay. I don't see Crosby being worth a top 10-15 forward at worst and a top 3 goalie in a 9x6 league - at this point a Brlz resign with the Wild and he is worth more than Holtby as well.

    Don't get me wrong - Crosby is still the best player in the deal, but for this particular league I don't think he carries the value of Parise/Rask regardless of the replacement you might bring in to fill the vacancy. A 20 team league doesn't produce much off the wire.

    Pretty sure I would put Rask straight up for Crosby in a take it or leave it deal in this situation. Rask is going to bring a lot of assets in deals with other teams if you have positions to upgrade.

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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    It's a close deal. In a 14-team league, excellent goalies have a lot of value, so Rask carries his weight for sure. A fair deal may have been Rask for Crosby straight up as shoeless mentioned, but usually if you want Crosby, you're going to overpay. Parise has seen better days so I'm not worried about his inclusion. You might be a little strapped for goaltending if Holtby doesn't work things out, but given the choice, I'm taking Crosby. Well done.

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    Default Re: Did I overpay for Crosby ???

    In H2H, I love the Crosby acquisition... pretty fair trade, Crosby side being better.
    If ROTO... I don't know... with a 9/6 category split, Rask's value in this pool would be as high as I've seen in ANY pool I've ever seen.

    So - depends on league format, you either won or lost.
    Pretty even trade though, no HUGE winner... depends on each team's roster make-up as well.
    Could very well be win-win.

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