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Thread: MacKinnon or McDavid?

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    Default Re: MacKinnon or McDavid?

    Personally, I'm taking MacKinnon. The only reason why, and to me it's the only reason that matters, is that he's in the NHL now. I'm competing next year, and MacKinnon's going to help me do that. McDavid won't. It's pretty simplistic I know but sometimes you need to focus on the present and not two years down the road. Hell McDavid likely won't make the kind of impact I'd want in a winner until arguably his second season. That's right on the outset of the "think next three years" rule I believe Dobber always talks about.
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    Default Re: MacKinnon or McDavid?

    Quote Originally Posted by SergeP View Post
    None of the guys you mentioned were at Crosby's level during their primes when compared to their peers. Crosby is hands down the best player in the world and by a fair margin, there is no real debate from anyone outside of Russia. The guys in your list are all great players but none of them were ever unquestionably the greatest in the world during their careers - you could maybe make a case for Jagr but even then, you'd have to make the case against guys like Lemieux (hands down better) and later on Thornton (better overall player). So thanks for proving my point.
    Proving what exactly? That you're a raging Crosby homer or just an idiot? Or both?

    Those are some of the best best players EVER to lace up the skates in the NHL, you can't disqualify them from discussion because they happened to play at the same time that Gretz and Lemieux did, that's ******ed. Some numbers:

    Jagr is 10th all-time in goals, and 8th in pts. Sakic is 15th in goals and 9th in points. They've both got 2 cups too.
    Hell I didn't even mention Messier (7th all time in goals, 2nd all-time in pts!) and SIX Stanley Cups to show for it...guess how many pts he scored his rookie year? 33. Not exactly a banner year for him.

    So fine, be ignorant and refuse to recognize that these guys are greats of the game who are EASILY part of any conversation regarding Crosby vis a vis greatness at this point, etc etc, that's your perogative. But my point stands, these are all guys who dominated at the highest level for many years, and they didn't all start off with 100pt rookie seasons. There are dozens of factors at play that determine what kind of rookie season a player will have, ignoring them is stupid. When Crosby joined the Pens, they were in complete rebuild mode, they had a bunch of aging vets on their way out the door so there was no reason not to play him in all situations and give him a big jolt of on-ice experience (as a result, he led all forwards on the team averaging over 20 mins a game and 5:40 in PP time!). The Pens were terrible back then...the had seasons of 69, 65, 58 and then again 58 pts the year Sid joined. The next year they added Malkin and BAM, they shot to 105. Contrast that with Stamkos' rookie season where they have Vinny and St. Louis already in place...Stammer averaged under 15 mins per game his rookie year and 2:50 on the PP. You gotta factor this stuff in or just talking outta your ass

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    Default Re: MacKinnon or McDavid?

    Relax McGoo. There is no reasoning with people who think Crosby dominates the game (and his peers) the way Gretzky and Lemieux, etc. did. It's a no-win argument. I've given up.
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    Default Re: MacKinnon or McDavid?

    For the record, I'm not a Crosby fanboy (nor an "idiot" or "******ed", McGoo - grow up). In fact I don't even personally care for Sid. I'm simply pointing out that placing a player who just completed a 63 point rookie campaign in the same class as Crosby, who is clearly the best player in the world at the moment, is seriously overblown. If Mack is at Crosby's level, do you place Palat (and his 57 point rookie campaign) at the same level as Tavares or Stamkos? See the point I'm trying to make here?

    Mackinon looks like he's headed for greatness, no argument, but let's not annoint him - much less McDavid - just yet.
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    Default Re: MacKinnon or McDavid?

    I'll go with McDavid .
    I love McKinnon's potential . He's explosive and relies on it quite a bit . This could mean increased injury risk ( judt pure speculation) .
    Not that McK doesn't see the ice extremely well but I think McD will be a very hard guy to keep off the score sheet with tons of assists .
    I trust Crosby' s instincts in acknowledging McD . Gretzky did the same for him . These top guys see the game differently than all of us .
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    Default Re: MacKinnon or McDavid?

    Quote Originally Posted by poolsharks View Post
    I trust Crosby' s instincts in acknowledging McD . Gretzky did the same for him . These top guys see the game differently than all of us .
    Okay but Crosby "acknowledged" Mac too and trains with him? Whats the difference with hows hes treated the two?
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    Default Re: MacKinnon or McDavid?

    MacKinnon. Already proven he is top-tier (his playoff performance was ridiculous) and is on a great team, with tons of talented players around him, and an offensively minded coach. Can't go wrong either but after watching him fly in the playoffs it's hard to not pick MacKinnon.
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