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Thread: Hedman 60+ next year?

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    Default Re: Hedman 60+ next year?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiva Blaster View Post
    I'll take his 50-55 points along with his very nice multi-cat contributions all the way to the bank. Everyone is my league had written him off, Hedman was like found money for me this year.

    I don't think 60 is in the cards next season, but I think it's reasonable to expect another 50 point performance from him.
    i am drinking some of this koolaid, held onto him in dynasty league, thankfully was patient in waiting for him to develop - as D-men take longer. Had a few offers for him. Thinking 55pts with +/- 5. Tampa is an up and coming team that should start putting up a significant amount of goals in the future.
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    Default Re: Hedman 60+ next year?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hanna14 View Post
    Is this guy really as good as it seems this year? i have barely seen him play this year but i keep seeing him put up points. Do we think he could have a 60 pt season next year? give me your thoughts
    i'd venture a guess that he'll regress a tad to about 45 next year - expecting d-men to produce over 50 each year is a tall order and he's a very good option, but over time he will slip some of the pp time to specialists (barberio, koekkoek in the LT)
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    Default Re: Hedman 60+ next year?

    I have been pleasantly surprised by his performance this year. Norris worthy. 60pts? I am with everyone else here and would be happy with 50. That said as a person who drafted Hedman his rookie season and stayed with him, he has continued to surprise, here's hopining he can get to 60 regularely.



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    Default Re: Hedman 60+ next year?

    The key number to look at (first) with defensemen, IMO... is this: Even-Strength Points.
    Show me a defenseman that can put up 35+ even-strength points and he's
    i) Likely to receive PP time, and
    ii) Likely to eventually put up the 20 PPP that are the average for #1 PP D-men.

    This year's D leaders in ESP:

    43 Karlsson, Erik
    39 Keith, Duncan
    35 Hedman, Victor
    32 Pietrangelo, Alex
    31 Seabrook Brent

    28 Sekera, Andrej
    28 Barrie, Tyson
    27 Goligoski, Alex
    27 Josi, Roman

    So... there's the list.
    Tack 20-25 PPP on any of those guys if they are the primary spoke on their PP.

    For Hedman, to me, this says he can touch 50 again... closer to 55.

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    Default Re: Hedman 60+ next year?

    60 is definitely within reach... he came close to that mark this year.


    If I'm betting on it, I'm taking the under. To show how tough it is to get there, only Karlsson and Keith did it this year. Play the odds and keep it in perspective. He is a sleeper for 60+ but I would draft him as a low 50s guy.

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    Default Re: Hedman 60+ next year?

    I think Hedman might crack the 60 point barrier once, or twice if all goes right but I'll expect him to be in the 45-55 range consistently over the next few years!
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