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Thread: [Re-signing] Orlov 2 yrs, cap hit of $2 million

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    Default [Re-signing] Orlov 2 yrs, cap hit of $2 million

    As the title states. Notice how I wrote "re-signing" correctly?

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    Default Re: [Re-signing] Orlov 2 yrs, cap hit of $2 million

    Anyone have any thoughts on him as a fantasy asset. When he came over the hype was high but since then he hasn't done much in the NHL. It is just the slow growth of a d-man or was it the usual overhype of a prospect's potential?

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    Default Re: [Re-signing] Orlov 2 yrs, cap hit of $2 million

    I'm leaning to slow growth on Orlov. I think he has some untapped offensive potential. I don't think he has a high ceiling offensively though. Maybe 35 points in 2-3 years time?

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    Default Re: [Re-signing] Orlov 2 yrs, cap hit of $2 million

    25-30 point dman at best over the next two seasons............he's been playing well lately, so the re-signing makes sense.

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    Default Re: [Re-signing] Orlov 2 yrs, cap hit of $2 million

    I have watched the last 4 caps games and he has been there best defenseman in 3 of those games. 40 point guy when he hits his prime but a good 2way player with the ability to lay people out.
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