So the GM who owns Tavares that I have been dealing with has just gone the posting board and let everyone know again that all his players are available for the right price. He really considered my Getzlaf and Nichushkin offer but declined it eventually. I have asked him what more he would need to get this deal done and he said he was waiting for closer to the deadline to decide what he wants in return, or not trade at all. It all seems like posturing to me. My feeling is that i think he is scared to pull the trigger for fear of losing the trade. He has gone on record as saying that I have rocked every trade I have been involved in this year and I am sure he doesn't want to come out on this one on the losing end! I have offered to sweeten up the deal a bit more but not sure if what I have in my stables is worth adding/adding too much to get this thng done.
In response to this I have also sent out feelers to two of the GM's that sre trying to chase him down (2nd and 4th place teams) with the possibility of both Getzlaf and Perry being available for trade. I have made the Tavares GM aware of this to try and illicit a bit of fear of losing out on players to get him the win. Was looking for Backstrom and Seguin in return from the one Gm, and Stamkos for Getz/Nich(or substitute) from the other.
Am I getting desperate here to make a move? Should I just stick with what I have, or do I have a legitimate shot to land one of these trades?
Please help, the looming trade deadline is nearing fast and I need to do something to pull my team out of last for next year. A bottle of rum is riding on it!!!!!!!!! ( I know, shouldn't be betting on things I cant control)

I should also add, through talking with a couple of other Gm's in the pool who have tried to deal Tavares away from him, said my offer was the best the one that he would see from anyone, other than an extremely big over pay, but no one seems to be that reckless in our pool.