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Thread: Fantasy Hockey Keeper League Auction Leagues

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    Default Fantasy Hockey Keeper League Auction Leagues


    I played in a NL-only rotisserie keeper baseball league many, many years ago, which used the auction draft format and I absolutely loved it. It was probably one of the most realistic leagues I've ever been a part of.

    Now, after many years of deliberation, I've decided to try to do something similar with a hockey league.

    My question is, is there a "standard" hockey league setting as far as salaries, number of teams, etc., or does the amount available to spend per team completely depend on number of teams and roster spots? Is there a way to calculate what dollar amounts each team will be able to spend?

    For instance, I'm considering a $100 per team in a 12 or 14 team league. The money is just a nice round amount, though, as no actual money will be used.

    Thoughts? Experiences? Comments?

    I'll post more later when I hammer out the details!
    18-team! H2H Keeper League (10-keepers)
    G, A, PTS, PIM, +/-, PPG, PPP, GWG, SOG, Hits, BLK (11)
    W, GAA, SV, SA, SV%, SO (6)

    C: Giroux,Benn,
    LW: Pavelski,Tatar,Roussel
    RW: MacKinnon,Rantanen,Simmonds,Wingels,
    D: Ekblad,Trouba,Hanifan,Phaneuf,Del Zotto,Gudas,
    G: Schneider,C.Anderson,Raanta

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    Hey Hockey Hippie,

    I've never run or been a part of an auction league. I've always wanted to though and I'm intrigued by the whole auction thing.

    Not sure if any free internet provider (Yahoo, Fantrax, etc) can do this online.

    As for the money, I'd keep it at $100 and the market will adjust. The number of teams doesn't really matter, but 12 teams seems to be the most common.

    Roster spots? 4C, 4LW, 4RW (or 12F), 6 Def, 2 Goalies and 5-7 Bench is my favourite.

    I would use Rotisserie over Head to Head or a Points based league. My recommended categories would be:

    For Skaters (F/D): G, A, Special Teams Points (or PPP if that category isn't available), SOG, PiM, Hits and Blocked Shots. I detest plus/minus, but it's a very common stat to use.

    For the Goalies, I prefer Wins, GAA and Saves. Many people prefer Save Percentage, however that means two categories that use an average, which can lead to some shenanigans unless you implement a minimum GP or Minutes Played rule. By using two cumulative categories, it only hurts you if you don't try to max out your GP at the Goalie position.

    That's 10 categories, but there's no reason you couldn't go with more or even less, although I would not use less than 8 if it were me.

    That's all I have for now, but if you have more clarity on what direction you are thinking of going, let me know and I'll chime in with my opinion.

    Thanks for posting here!
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