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Thread: Peterson & Fitz for AJ Green & Ridley

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    Default Peterson & Fitz for AJ Green & Ridley

    I have another offer coming my way. Which side wins?

    I trade - Peterson & Fitzgerald
    I get - AJ Green & Ridley

    I'm thinking I would be giving up too much. The difference between Peterson and Ridley is very large. Whereas I feel the difference between Green and Fitz is in favor of Green but not enough to close the gap on the RBs.

    Also this is a keeper league and Ridley would be eligible so that comes in to play as well.

    10 Team H2H
    3C, 3LW, 3RW, 4D, 1UTIL, 2G, 5BENCH, 2IR

    Skating G, A, +/-, PTS, PIM, PPG, PPA, SHG, SHA, FOW, HAT, HIT, BLK, DEF, PPP, SHP

    Goaltending W, L, GA, SV, SO

    C - Giroux, Bergeron, Pavelski, Spezza, E. Staal
    LW - Sharp, Benn, Foligno, Perron, C. Wilson
    RW - Voracek, Carter, Gaborik, Franzen
    D - Hedman, Shatenkrik, Boychuck, Faulk
    G - Rinne, Lehtonen, Hiller
    IR - Kane, Jenner

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    Peterson and Fitz wins AINEC
    10 Team, 60 Player Roster
    G, A, PTS, PPP, PIM, BLKs, Hits, +/-, Shots, W, GAA, SV%, Saves
    C- Keller, Trocheck, Schmaltz, Toews, Turris, Krejci, Little, Galyenchuk, Coyle
    RW- Simmonds, Stone, Vorachek, Toffoli, Wilson, Kaspanen
    LW- Skinner, Tatar, Johansson, Roussel, Hartman,
    D- Ristolainen, Barrie, Doughty, Hughes, Heiskanen, Fox, Niskanen, Spurgeon, McNabb
    G- Andersen, Demko, Shesterkin, Khahkonen, Crawford, Blackwood

    Notable Prospects-JHughes, Zegras, Podskovin, Newhook, Broberg, Glass, Bokk, Wahlstrom, Dorofeyev, Rob Thomas, Blatherson, Elvenes, LBrown, Valimaki, Berggren, Bemstrom

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    Quote Originally Posted by pts9889 View Post
    Peterson and Fitz wins AINEC
    Couldn't agree more. This isnt close at all.

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