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Thread: Studs and Duds - Thursday March 21, 2013

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    Default Studs and Duds - Thursday March 21, 2013

    Hello ... Hooray ... Let the sun shine in ... We've been ready ...

    Just a quick note to say that Tom (newfcollins) and myself Dave (sixhands) are excited to take over for the Thursday edition of Studs and Duds. We hope to live up to the standard already set by our predecessors and we also hope that you enjoy our writing. Cheers


    PK "who cares if you don't like my haircut" Subban

    Please Kick, Sue or Ban this kid from the NHL, he’s that good!
    PK is almost at a PPG pace after last night’s 2 goals, one of which was on the powerplay. Add to that a +2, 1 hit, 2 blocks and 5 SOG. It’s awesome when a 24 year old defenseman can provide stats like he does. Heck, he would probably dominate in FOW as well if you let him!
    So put the images of his silly haircuts in the back of your mind and enjoy what he brings to the table.

    Nazim "so this is what a point-per-game feels like" Kadri

    Do I have to talk about a Leaf! Yes, I guess I do, as he has extended his multi-point streak to 3 games and I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon. 2 goals, 1 assist, +3 and 50/50 in the face-off circle. He also fired a whopping 8 SOG, his personal best for a single game was previously 6. Why oh why does he have to play for Toronto? I kid, I jest, I joke which is something Nazim doesn’t do when it comes to providing poolies with awesome stats like last night. Oh and did I mention that both goals came with bonus points? If your league awards extra points for PPG and SHG then he helped you out there as well with one of each.

    Alex "the sometimes not-so-great" Ovechkin

    There are some players that should be studs every single day, AO is one of them. How quickly poolies forget what he is capable of and start spouting things like … “He’s done dude!” … “Meh, I don’t want him in a trade ‘cus he’s just a 70+ point player now.” …
    Well Mr Ovechkin has put together another 3 game point streak and posted his 6th multi-point night of the season. Looks like he’s getting his mojo back.
    PPG, 2 assists, +2, 3 HITS and 5 SOG

    Martin "back to the future" Erat

    Welcome back Marty. After disappearing for the past 6 games, and probably appearing in at least one duds column, Erat decided to show up and provide patient poolies with a PPG, 2 assists, +1, 1 HIT, 1BS and 3 SOG
    Martin is a streaky player so I would suggest investing in a crystal ball to help you predict when he will produce like last night again. He’s your classic “What have you done for me lately?” player that you typically bench and then wish you hadn’t.


    Christian "I shoulda taken the Canucks deal" Erhoff – 1 goal and 2 assists, 1 PPP and 3 SOG

    Travis "don't mess with my face-offs" Zajac – 2 assists, 1 PPP but a huge 14 FOW

    Max "I like the number 2" Pacioretty – 2 assists, +2, 2 HITS and 2 SOG (Oh and Patches was also the 22nd overall pick in his draft year!)

    David "I don't need Goliath" Desharnais – 2 assists, +3 and 7 FOW with only 13 minutes of ice-time.


    Hero to Zero
    David Clarkson. Before last night, Martin Brodeur last played a game on Feb. 21. At that point, Clarkson had 11 goals and six assists. Fourteen games later, Clarkson has added two assists to those totals. Last night, he finished with zero goals, zero assists, zero plus/minus, zero pims, zero shots, zero blocked shots and one hit in almost 17 minutes of ice time. I really hope Clarkson owners sold high a month ago.
    As a side note, we need a name for forwards who play more than 10 minutes a game and get zeroes across the board. I’m thinking we should call it the Jiri, after Jiri Hudler, who did that four times last season. Speaking of….

    Hudler we kidding?
    Jiri Hudler. Hudler came within a plus/minus of finishing with a Jiri.
    His stat line of the night looked like this: zero goals, zero assists, minus one, zero pims, zero shots, zero blocked shots and zero hits. He just missed out on his first Jiri of the season (See how that works? Although I’m open to naming it after someone else, preferably a retired player).

    You’re Miika me crazy
    Miika Kiprusoff. Five goals on only 23 shots, for a save percentage of .783. This is the seventh time this season Kipper has had a game save percentage of .850 or less, and he’s only played 13 games. Even if the Flames wanted to trade him, is there a team that would take him at this point?

    Getting Cole-der
    Erik Cole. Are we sure he hasn’t retired yet? Another bad night last night, earning zeroes in goals, assists, plus/minus, shots, and blocked shots. The only good thing about his night was his seven hits, which was one more than he dished out in the previous nine games
    combined. Including his numbers with Montreal, Cole is on pace for a 23 points in an 82-game season.


    Josh Bailey finished with a Jiri in 15:38 played.

    NHL shot leader Evander Kane was held without a shot for only the second time this season.
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    Excellent first column Dave! Looking forward to your, and Tom's, future efforts. Welcome aboard.
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    Cole did the same thing when he played a part of a season in Edmonton. I think he suffers from permanent jet lag or something.

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    Great read~!
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    Good job, dude. Way to come out punching! Keep up the good work.
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    Whoa! Pretty solid Mr. Sixhands...
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    Thanks guys, it was a joint effort. Tom did the duds this week.

    We will be alternating who does studs and duds each week and whomever does studs will do the posting each week.


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