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Thread: Wich G to finish the season??

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    Default Wich G to finish the season??


    What is you first and second choice to finish the season??

    W = 2 pt
    OTL = 1 pt
    SO = 2 pt more


    Thanks for advice!

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    1. Crawford (no brainer, #1G on the best team in hockey)
    2. Howard slight edge over Backstrom b/c Detroit a better team (in theory)
    3. Backstrom
    4. Schneider 4th b/c splitting starts with Lu
    5/6. Halak/Fasth both seem to have been supplanted by Hiller/ Allen for now.

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    Crawford split starts with Emery most of the time no???

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    Default Crawford.

    Quote Originally Posted by plateaumax View Post
    Crawford split starts with Emery most of the time no???
    Yes he does, about 60/40 Crawford-Emery.
    It Was Kanesensual (13-5)

    C- Tavares, Malkin, Giroux, Backstrom
    LW- D. Sedin, Hall, Hoffman
    RW- Kucherov, Okposo, Hornqvist
    D- Weber, Hedman, Shattenkirk, Klingberg
    G- Crawford, Rask, Andersen
    ESPN One-year, 8 team league. Weekly Head to Head.
    Start 2 C's, 2 LW's, 2 RW's, 3 D, 1 Utility, 2 Goalies

    Goals (3), Assists (2), PIMS (.3), Hits & Blocked Shots (.5), GWG (5), PPG & SHG (2), PPA (1)

    Wins (3), SO (3), OT Loss (1), GA (-1), Sv (.2)

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    So if he plays 60/40... does he still the best option anyway?


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    Honestly I'll have to put Backstrom up there. He may be #1 or #2. Wild is playing well and team is starting to seem to come together. Backstrom is the undisputed starter. The other goalies (other than Howard) are in a timeshare.

    As my 2nd option, I'm torn between Howard and Crawford. Crawford will win most games but he won't start half the time. Already starting 60% of the games, he is not guaranteed to win all games. Crawford will probably get roughly 2 games a week, Howard would get 3, sometimes 4 depending on how he is playing since they don't have a good enough back up. I think I would give the edge to Howard. Although Detroit is slumping, he will get most starts and they should get their act together soon enough. Chicago was off to a crazy start, has come back down to earth a little with injuries to their top players.

    Detroit: 18 games remaining, 5 back to back
    Detroit (minus last week - no fantasy games): 14 games, 4 back to back
    Chicago: 18 games remaining, 5 back to back
    Chicago (minus last week - no fantasy games): 14 games, 4 back to back

    My guess is Howard will at least play 10-12 games
    Crawford may play 8 games

    My bet is Howard has a good chance to go around between 8-4 and 6-4
    Crawford best chance will go 8-0, more likely 7-1 or 6-2

    It's close but Howard has the better chance of winning 1 or 2 more games.
    8 Team Yahoo Weekly H2H (1yr)
    3C, 3LW, 3RW, 6D, 1Util, 2G, 4BN, 3IR
    G, A, +/-, PPG, PPA, SHG, SHA, GWG, SOG, FW, HIT, BLK
    W, L, GA, GAA, SV, SA, SV%, SHO

    C: Tavares, Eric Staal, Getzlaf, Ribeiro
    LW: Lupul (LW,RW), Hartnell, Elias (C,LW), Cammalleri (C,LW), Ott (C,LW)
    RW: Malkin (C,RW), Backes (C,RW), Seguin (C,RW), Callahan
    D: Pietrangelo, Ekman-Larsson, Subban, Bouwmeester, Streit, Burns (D,RW), Wisniewski
    G: Rask, Backstrom, Bobrovsky
    IR: Spezza (C), Oshie (C,RW)

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    I would agree with khiyasu's post.

    I think Crawford is the safe bet, although if the scheudle permits, I would wager he gets a few more starts heading into the playoffs unless he needs time to heal. In a shortened season, some positions just keep playing right into the playoffs versus lightening the load before the cup run.

    If I needed to make a gamble I would go with Backstrom. It's a gamble I like since Minnesota's been playing very well but Crawford seems like a more stable option. If you need the points I would gamble on Backstrom, if not Crawford could do the trick.

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