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Thread: Patioretty or....

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    Default Patioretty or....

    Gagner, Clarkson, Ladd, Tanguay, MacD, JVR or Oshie?

    Points only (assist/goals), injury risk adverse.

    I'd hang on to Patches b/c I think he has the most upside but he just isn't getting the TOI since coming back. Not sure if its a temp. doghouse thing or something to be really concerned about.

    Also thinking of ditching D. Brown, for one of the above, but he at least gets the TOI and will likely be a steady producer.

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    I'd pick up Gagner. He's finally playing close to his skill level and will keep up a 60-65 pt pace with upside to hit 70 if things go perfectly. McDonald is another good option if you can tolerate the injury risk. Pacman is a great player, but I just don't see him repeating last year's numbers given the rebound seasons from Gionta and Plekanec.

    EDIT: Didn't see the Brown part. In a points only league, I'd drop Brown before I dropped Pacioretty

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