Just as the title states, im considering doing this trade in a one year positional points only league. I would be receiving Staal/Suter.

I am pretty good on D with Campbell, Pitakanen, Carlson, Boyle... But need LW depth as I only have Parise/Brown/Ladd and we start 3 LW leaving no backups.

If I made this trade I could use Staal's dual eligibility along with my Ennis's to plug away at my LW games and target a C which is more available. Alternatively target a C and stick Ennis on LW duty.

Would you rather any of A.McDonald/Steen/Riberio/Kunitz over Staal? I opened with Riberio he countered with this so it would be a reach for him or Kuny, but could probably get either Blue instead. He also has Matt Carle which is intriguing.

Anyways any advice on pulling trigger would be appreciated! Thanks!