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Thread: Crawford or Smith?

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    Default Crawford or Smith?

    Should I try to move Crawford while he's red hot and pick up a guy like Smith?

    Goal? Trying to make a 2v2 trade where I would benefit at forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkb7 View Post
    Should I try to move Crawford while he's red hot and pick up a guy like Smith?

    Goal? Trying to make a 2v2 trade where I would benefit at forward.
    Yeah, wouldn't hurt if you can get a substantial bump at forward in return, and you can afford Smith's time missed to injury.

    I feel like you could probably do better than Brassard at C via free agency in a 12-team league too.
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    If you can get a good return for Crawford, then you should absolutely go for it, the fact that you can pick up Mike Smith on top of getting a solid return for Crawford would just be gravy.

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    I am not so sure on this one.

    Chicago has come out looking very good. A part of that has been Crawford and a part of that has been their defense and a good part of that has been their offense. Their 4 superstars (Hossa, Toews, Kane and Sharp) have all been very good. Kane was the big question in my mind - was he going to go they way of Alexandre Daigle or was he going to decide to play hockey. So far it has been the latter.

    Phoenix has not looked so good and Smith (who was my goalie keeper last year) has been a part of that too. Smith's value is in Phoenix's defense first mentality which they don't appear to be as good in this year.

    Now these trends could be the rush to get the season started and therefore it could be that the world will re-align at some point soon once the rust gets chipped off. But for some reason I am not so sure.

    Depending on your goalie stats, you may be seriously trading down to giveup Crawford and get Smith.

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    I'd hold Crawford if you have a chance to win this year.
    I would make the trade for Smith if you are willing to punt this year to build for the future.

    Mike Smith is a decent goalie but the Phoenix-thing has been overrated for a while. They are a bad defense and Smith just has been playing out-of-his-mind with the lack of pressure in Phoenix. He's (currently injured) and now in a contract-year. I think he'll feel some pressure.

    I do expect either Detroit, Minnesota, or Toronto to sign Smith in the off-season.
    That will give him a HUGE keeper-bump in value.

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