had my draft last night.

We are 5 and we are allowed to make 4 changes will available players.
it is point only

it went and i'm C

A : In : J. Schultz out : C. Pronger
B : In : M. Moulson out : M. Grabner
C: In: T. Purcell out : D. Setoguchi ( picked by A)
D: In: I. White out : P. Martin
A: In : J. Faulk out : J. Corvo

A: In: S. Voynov out : M. Giordano ( picked my me)
B: In: V. Filppula out : B. Dubinsky
C: In: J. Lupul out: J. Jagr
D: In: S. Hartnell out: D. Brassard
E: In : C. Schneider out: M. Brodeur(picked by A, drop Mason who pick by B)

A: In: P-A Parenteau out: D. Setoguchi
B: In: A. Niemi out : T. Thomas
C: In: D. Desharnais out A. Mcdonald
D: In: J. Hiller out : J. Gustafsson ( DET)
E: In: D. Brunner out: N. Kulemin

A: In: N. Leddy out J-M liles ( picked by B)
B: In: M. Smith out : S. Mason
C: In: B. Smith out : M. Giordano
D: In: J. Garrison out : J. Bouwmeester
E: In: J. Gardiner out: -----

there it is... nothing spectacular, just to tell you how it went...