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Thread: Lindback, how early is too early?

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    Default Lindback, how early is too early?

    I've been doing some yahoo drafts and I've noticed Lindback is still there very late.

    What round in a 14 team league would be too early to take him? League counts 40% goalie stats (W, SV%, SHO, GAA)?


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    need a lot more information than you are giving

    but even with the information you are missing these types of things are very league specific
    6 Team Yahoo H2H Daily Today League
    G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, GWG
    W, GAA, SV, SV%
    3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 3 F, 6 D, 2 G, 5 Bench
    Keep 10 - 6 F, 3 D, 1 G

    14 Team Yahoo H2H Daily Tomorrow League
    G, A, -/+, PIM, PPP, SHP, SOG, FW
    W, GAA, SV, SV%, SHO
    3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 5 D, 1 U, 2 G, 5 Bench
    Keep 14 - 2 G Max

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    Take him when you think it's appropriate, is my best answer.

    Obviously I'm sure you have goalie rankings, and have an idea when you want to pick your goalies and how many you want, so address how the draft goes, and draft your goalies accordingly. If there is still a decent amount of goalies you prefer over Lindback, you can probably wait a little while longer before picking him.

    To give an answer, I'd say picking him too early, would be picking him over goalies I prefer. When you feel he's the best goalie available, that's when it becomes time to pick him.

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    The guys are pretty spot on in suggesting this is a tough question to answer without knowing the league intimately. It really does depend on things like # of roster position, size of roster, the dynamics of the draft, who you have already drafted etc, etc.

    With your league cats, I would rank Lindback in around 18-20 in goalie value for this season. Probably a more than servicable #2 goalie in a 14 team league. If you draft 2 guys earlier then you wait until pretty late to take him because otherwise you are wasting resources. If there is a run on #2 goalies then you may want to take him in that run if you like him or it is getting to the point where there is no one better after him. That could be as early as the 4th or 5th round in some drafts with a 40% share of cats for goalies.

    It's really all about feel - I drafted in a 14 team 1 year league and took goalies in the first 3 rounds. Man do I have trade bait.
    Yahoo 12 team 1 year roto - 82 game max/position

    3C: Thornton, Pavelski, Datsyuk
    3RW: Ovechkin, Gaborik, Kesler
    3LW: Forsberg, Ladd, Tatar
    5D: Yandle, Vatanen, Streit, Russell, Ekblad
    2G: Bishop, F. Andersen
    5B: Strome, Hartnell, Eakin, Svedberg, Ward
    2IR: Gustavsson, Neal

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    It really all depends on the dynamic of the draft as everyone has said so far. It's all about supply and demand. If there's a monster goalie rush early and there are slim pickings in net maybe you end up having to draft him early...

    All I can say is I'd put him behind the tier of bonafide/more established #1 goaltenders, but probably as a front runner of the more riskier goaltenders.

    i.e. I wouldn't draft him ahead of guys like Pavelec or Varlamov. I would, however, (and this might be against the majority), draft him over a guy like Dubnyk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noj Sivart View Post
    I've been doing some yahoo drafts and I've noticed Lindback is still there very late.

    What round in a 14 team league would be too early to take him? League counts 40% goalie stats (W, SV%, SHO, GAA)?


    Oh, oh!!! (Hand in air)
    I have the answer!!!

    Lindback could be taken anywhere from the 2nd round-7th round!
    Haha, that's not very helpful is it!?

    But it's true.
    The Dobber Entry Leagues are 15-team leagues. Due to the size of the league, goalies are scarce. An educated league of managers (say the Dobber Experts league) will see a goalie-run that will see 25 goalies drafted in the first 50 picks! A league with just a few managers that don't draft a goalie early enough could see a goalie sit there until the 90th pick!
    (This is because everybody is going to say "I NEED MY TWO, or three, GOALIES". If 12 teams do this, you'll have 24-30 goalies taken early. If all 14 teams do this, you'll see 28-36 goalies taken. It all depends on the league managers and whether they feel the need to get their 2-3 goalies early.)

    To give you a straight-answer:
    Around 55th overall pick = end of round 4.
    (after Niemi, before Varlamov... though I would argue that Varlamov should be taken before Lindback.)

    See attached PDF for his draft position in the four Dobber Entry leagues.
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