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Thread: In need of a goalie

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    Default In need of a goalie

    Hey everyone

    Team in sig

    Only have 2 goalies on my pro roster (Backstrom/Khudobin) which isnt very solid. I do have markstrom but i doubt he will be in the NHL when the season resumes. There are 4 backups avaliable in the league any of them worth picking up??

    Johan Hedberg
    Scott Clemmensen
    Jeff Deslauries
    Peter Budaj

    thinking its one of hedberg or clemmensen (thinking hedberg) but i want a second opinion on this

    should i pick one up or go after a roster player of sleeper prospect?

    thanks in advance

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    I'd say your defiantly right in thinking Hedberg of Clemmensen.

    As it stands right now I think I'd lean towards Hedberg, because I feel he's the better goalie, and I'm not to sure how many games Brodeur is going to start, which hopefully would free up Hedberg to get some games.

    There is appeal to Clemmensen though, as you never know how Theodore is going to play, and Clemmensen is more than capable of stealing starts from him.

    Regardless go with one of the two, and if good things start happening for one, don't be afraid to make the swap, if they aren't already scooped up.

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