Hello all, figured this section would get the most potential views :

FantasyHockeyGeek feels it is time to bring a new writer into the FHG fold. Initial thoughts would be to develop a column that occasionally is a Deep Analysis but also just generally shows how to use the FHG tools to solve fantasy hockey problems.

The assignment will be to demonstrate through an informative article how the FHG tools can be valuable in getting an edge in your fantasy hockey league. At the low-end, it can be a "how to" of the tools, but it would be great to see people solving problems, defining strategy, assessing trades and preparing for a draft.

Should you wish to apply, email myself at the information below or PM me. As for the contest bit, we would like to choose three or four applications and go from there.


Personally, this is a great opportunity. My writing roots can be found at FHG, having published my first (and favourite) set of articles there (Trade Fever series). The experience of writing for HPG (at the time) basically kick-started my fantasy hockey writing career. Wouldn't trade it for anything!