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Thread: Convincing commish to increase salary cap?

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    Default Convincing commish to increase salary cap?

    Salary cap in my 30 team league is really low, it's been the same for a few seasons and it's becoming a problem now because it's more than $10 M below the NHL cap.

    This to me is frustrating because it's tough to make your team that good, it's not even worth rebuilding because you're plateauing and at the cap before your rebuild is even half complete. The commish feels it evens the playing field, I however feel it's unrealistic because it doesn't account for inflation in NHL player salaries.

    It doesn't necessarily make the league that much more competitive either because the crappier teams are stuck with all the crappier contracts which they can't move due to the low cap. Basically, everyone is above the cap when the season starts and by the cap deadline, everyone has to drop players to free agency so pretty much no one is able to take on a cap hit.

    I see it as a bit comical and extreme, the commish is convinced he's levelling the playing field (I think he misunderstands this concept though because in fantasy hockey, the point is to let the better players do better, no?). What arguments can I use to suggest increasing the cap other than the ones I mentioned?

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    Thanks for posting the question in here. The biggest argument that I can think of is simply that the NHL has 30 teams and a higher salary cap - what is your commish trying to accomplish? That totally doesn't make sense, at least on the surface.

    His argument about levelling the playing field is irrelevant because the playing field will continue to be level even if (when) the salary cap is raised.

    Why the heck would a fantasy league with 30 teams have a lower salary cap than the NHL? It's beyond comprehension. The only thing it does is ensure that you have crappier players than any NHL team and there are likely some valuable players left as Free Agent's because no one can afford them. That's crap.

    I doubt there is much trading as very few, if any teams have room under the cap.

    I would love to hear the commish's rationale for keeping the cap below NHL levels. No way the explanation would hold water. I'm on your side for sure, I only hope you can convince either the commish or enough teams in your league to petition for a raise in the cap. Best of luck.

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