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Where you getting that from? A couple posters here are the majority? I think I know more Oilers fans then you since you live in Cgy, the majority I know hated, and still hate that deal.

ps. B.Pouliot absolutely stinks. Couple years ago he was decent, but nowadays I think hes checked out of being a pro athlete and just likes the paycheck he receives.
Tho you could argue they'd have been better paying him 4 mill for another year, then paying 1.3 for an additional 3 yrs. Good topic to discuss actually. He gave us some good PK minutes in prior years, something the team sucks at now.
It's not about whether he's good or not, it's about whether he's a better option than Puljujarvi, Khaira, Strome, Cammaleri, Caggiula, Kassian. I'd argue he is better than at least some of those names. I thought I recently say that his underlying numbers were half decent considering the team he is playing for.

As for the Hall-Larsson trade, this thread is littered with Oilers fans "coming around" on the trade saying it was necessary and decent. It wasn't, and it wasn't.