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Thread: Nyquist or Tatar

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    Default Nyquist or Tatar

    Who do you prefer in a keeper league points only?
    This trade would help both of us with the switch LW vs RW...

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    Default Re: Nyquist or Tatar

    Tatar had shoulder surgery

    Also the ice conditions at the Joe were not really up to NHL standards last season

    so based on these 2 factors I would go with Nyquist
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    Default Re: Nyquist or Tatar

    Still Nyquist by the tiniest margin.

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    Default Re: Nyquist or Tatar

    i got Nyquist here

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    Default Re: Nyquist or Tatar

    I am gonna be the odd man out. I like Tatar by a slim margin. I think he can put up 55ish again this season.
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    Default Re: Nyquist or Tatar

    I have next to no faith in either one, so I've go with Nyqvist since he has more perceived value and thus could be easier to trade later.
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    Default Re: Nyquist or Tatar

    I own Gustav and would pick Tatar.
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    Default Re: Nyquist or Tatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Princeton View Post
    I own Gustav and would pick Tatar.
    And I own Tatar and would pick Nyquist.

    I think the choice here should be: None of the above.
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