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Thread: 2017/18 Rocky Horror Roto Show

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    Default Re: 2017/18 Rocky Horror Roto Show

    Came into the draft a lot less prepared than usual, glad I was able to get back into it this year after taking a year off!
    Our baby is due in 7 weeks and life has been crazy, however, I have a desk job and know for sure I can keep up with everything!

    After tying for 3rd in 2014 I haven't been able to get back up there in the standings, let's hope that Steenage Werewolf can do it this year!

    Round 1: Joe Pavelski (C/RW)
    Love me some Pavelski, didn't have a first pick plan to be honest!

    Round 2: Brad Marchand (LW)
    Thought about Byfuglien and knew he would go soon, went with one of the best LW around (thin position).

    Round 3: Roman Josi (D)
    7 D already taken, Josi and Doughty were at the top of the list of remaining.

    Round 4: Corey Crawford (G)
    8 G taken and knew I needed a goalie, Darling leaving pushed me towards Crawford.

    Round 5: Jacob Trouba (D)
    Should have taken Klingberg but he wasn't even on my radar! Also seriously considered taking another G here but had my eye on Elliot and Smith for later rounds.

    Round 6: Jeff Carter (C)
    No centers at this point, give me some PPP and FOW. Toews and Kopitar were staring right at me here.

    Round 7: Mike Smith (G)
    Yikes, I actually can't stand this guy but not a ton of options here, Halak might have been a good idea though.

    Round 8: Colton Parayko (D)
    Maybe a bit of a reach here with some decent names on the board!

    Round 9: Brian Elliot (G)
    Pound for Pound I like Elliot a bit more than Mason although I prefer WPG to PHI but with the stars on PHI how can they not pull it off?

    Round 10: Jordan Eberle (RW)
    Thought about Gudas here. Need a risky winger with high upside.

    Round 11: Ryan Kesler (C)
    Had Gudas in the queue and nobody else. Got disconnected! Very early for a guy whos gone for 4 months. Oh well.

    Round 12: Mika Zibanejad (C)
    I like the wingers on the NYR second line but first line will work well for Zib.

    Round 13: Matt Niskanen (D)
    Needed some peripherals.

    Round 14: Conor Sheary (LW/RW)
    Like the dual eligibility, don't like the risk but willing to chance it.

    Round 15: Bo Horvat (C)
    Realize I don't have any C after Zib and Carter, Horvat is my guy.

    Round 16: Jake Gardiner (D)
    Slim pickings on D, expecting TOR to keep getting better.

    Round 17: Alexander Steen (C/LW)
    Feel like this is a great pick this late, no other reasoning here lol.

    Round 18: Robby Fabbri (C/LW)
    Good upside on a good team, like the positional eligibility again.

    Round 19: Marc-Edouard Vlasic (D)
    Just a blind pick here, need a D.

    Round 20: Adam Henrique (C)
    First line C on the best team in the league (not). Should perform well enough for a pick this late.

    Round 21: Connor Murphy (D)
    Big reach, not sure if he would have been taken, hoping for big things in CHI.

    Round 22: Patrick Marleau (C/LW)
    Let's see what he does in TOR, late value hopeful pick.

    Round 23: Henrik Haapala (LW/RW)
    Figured he would be targeted real soon, with only a few picks left decided to play it safe after missing out on a couple sleepers I wanted.

    Round 24: Joshua Ho-Sang (RW)
    Big risk here, 2nd last round, whatever!

    Round 25: Daniel Sedin (LW)
    Should get something out of him!

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    Default Re: 2017/18 Rocky Horror Roto Show

    Is it October yet???

    Why did we have to draft so early.... now I am impatiently waiting for this show to get on the road.

    There should almost be a lock button so that when the draft is done you can lock your roster so you stop tinkering with it between the draft and now, Because I just keep wanting to tinker and tinker.... I just need to walk away and go into the season with the lineup I have now. haha

    Since we provide analysis on the draft, I figured I would provide some analysis on my two changes.

    Move Barrie to IR+ add Namestnikov - the Barrie part was easy for me... move him there and add someone with upside. Namestnikov has been reportedly skating with Stamkos and Kucherov so I figured it was worth a shot. And when that line was together last year they did quite well before Stamkos got injured.

    Drop Hartnell and add Ander Nilsson - LW is my deepest position and there are a few LW in the free agency with similar category coverage as Hartnell. Where I felt my weakest link was at G. So I went and took a look at the Same Night Tool to see what my best option in goal was. Vancouver was up high, and I already had Markstrom, so I figured I would pick up Nilsson and have both Canucks goalies. With having 3 goalies from bottom feeding teams already, I know I am not going to win the W category... so might as well try for some other goalie categories and see!

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    Default Re: 2017/18 Rocky Horror Roto Show

    Quote Originally Posted by LordoftheRinks View Post
    I drew the lucky 7 as my draft number ? middle of the pack is a good place. You don?t have the looong gaps between picks and it helps to avoid being on the tail-end of a goalie / d-man run. This year, unlike previous years, I?m going into the draft with NO SET STRATEGY (hah!) other than it just really depends on who is available at #7. The only thing I?m changing this year is that I?m likely not taking a goalie with my first pick or two. Price is elite but the defense in front of him is thin and Montreal is going to have trouble scoring? Holtby is still elite but the team is likely to regress with the talent they lost? Bob is always an injury concern, etc. I see more value in the later rounds and I want to focus on volume starters (65+ starts with lots of saves) who won't kill me on the peripherals. Also, given the depth at center, I tend to target centers in the mid/later rounds.

    So, my ?approach? (for lack of an in-depth strategy) for this draft:

    1. Consult my magic 8 ball on all decisions (better than any spreadsheet, FHG, real-world evidence modelling, data analytics, etc.)
    2. Have cold beer available for replenishing liquids during this marathon
    3. Target a high-value forward or d-man based on availability for rounds 1 ? 3
    4. Target 2 volume start goalies along with a 1A/B goalie to max my goalie stats
    5. Balance ? don?t ?punt? on any categories you then have to ?chase? throughout the season (Really curious on Ryan's strategy - he was a true disrupter and he's either crazy / evil / innovative / all the above with his bazillion goalie selections)
    6. Where possible ? target players with SOG/PIMS/HITS

    1. (7) Ovechkin LW
    Somewhat surprised Ovechkin was available. He?s getting old in the tooth and rumors abound of his demise but he's still a category stuffer and just too good an opportunity to pass up.

    2. (18) Simmonds RW
    I really wanted Byfuglien as my second pick but knew highly unlikely he would be there when my turn came around. My short queue consisted of either Simmonds or Talbot. I went with Simmonds as I really like his category coverage and didn?t want to chance him not being there when I drafted again. Biggest lesson learned in this league is don?t wait on someone you really want.

    3. (31) Subban D
    Targeting a d-man this round and have Subban / Josi / Risto teed up. Picked Subban as I think his ceiling is higher and will improve across the board this season with Nashville.

    4. (42) F. Andersen G
    A goalie run is going to happen soon (9 go off the board in round 4 and 5) so I need to get my volume starters. I see Andersen as this year?s Talbot ? he?ll get lots of starts and his team is on the upswing.

    5. (55) Jones G
    Still a few quality goalies available and they won?t last long. Have Jones and Quick in my queue and go with Jones. I like Quick, but have concerns with the Kings new ?focus? on offense.

    6. (66) B. Schenn C,LW
    Another category stuffer who has the potential to center one of the top 2 lines in STL.

    7. (79) Shattenkirk D
    Targeted a top PPP quarterback and not many remaining. Having Shattenkirk and Subban is a good d-foundation to build on.

    8. (90) Monahan C
    Time for a center ? I had MacKinnon and Monahan in my queue and MacK was selected a few picks before me so it was an easy choice. Light on HIT and PIM but a solid floor otherwise.

    9. (103) Kuznetsov C
    Have Lucic, Carlsson, Maroon in my queue. Lucic and Carlsson were taken before me and I saw Kuznetsov still available. I just ?feel? Maroon will last another round or so went with Kuznetsov as I really like his upside.

    10. (114) Maroon LW
    Another solid roto contributor. I like the across the board coverage he brings and potentially riding shotgun with McDavid only helps. He may have lasted another round but I?m happy taking him sooner rather than missing out on him.

    11. (128) Palmieri RW
    Looking at a solid RW to begin building depth (only 1 RW so far). Have Palmieri, Duchene / Lindholm (C/W eligible for FOW), Foligno, Niederreiter. Palmieri brings a solid floor with across board coverage.

    12. (138) Ekblad D
    The D ranks are really thinning out and I want to fill at least 2 slots in the next few rounds. I?ve had Ekblad on my radar. Somewhat of an injury risk but good upside and should improve this season along with better +/-.

    13. (151) Reimer G
    Targeted another D-man (Muzzin, Leddy, Niskanen) this round but saw that Brandon / Rick took Luongo this round. I had Reimer queued up as the best available 1A/1B to supplement my 2 starters and knowing they would take Reimer next I needed to pull the trigger and hope one of my D-men would still be there next round.

    14. (162) Leddy D
    Leddy was still on the board. He?s a quiet but solid producer for my D corps.

    15. (176) Taffoli RW,C
    All about value now as my basic positional needs are covered. I had both Neal and Taffoli lined up and would have been happy with either. Taffoli should have a bounce-back year and represents really good value this late.

    16. (187) Little C
    With only 2 centers, I had both Little and Staal on my radar but was open to a d-man such as Barrie as well. Barrie taken earlier in round so went with Little for his higher offensive upside.

    17. (199) N. Ritchie LW
    I had Ritchie as a late round target for my last LW. A HIT machine with decent upside who will improve his offensive numbers from last year.

    18. (210) Panik RW
    I had wanted McAvoy this round but he was taken. Back up was to fill out my last RW selection and had Panik and Gallagher on deck. Consulted my magic 8 ball and decided on Panik (8 ball says ?You may rely on it?) for his cross the board coverage over Gallagher and his injury history.

    19. (222) Brassard C
    May miss first week of season but best C still available IMO for FOW and scoring. All positional needs filled except 2 D slots now. Almost took Domi ? not because I needed him but more so to prevent anyone else. Decided to be a good guy (for once) and still feeling guilty (not really) for screwing over Brandon / Rick on the Reimer pick.

    20. (234) Theodore D
    First time tonight my queue was cleaned out. Focus strictly on value D-men w/blocks and Vatanen, Del Zotto, Petry all taken. Had Edler in my queue too but just couldn?t bear the thought of having him on my squad. Selected Theodore based soley on his PPP potential. Definitely my worst round of the draft for me (I blame needing a beer and having to make a run to the fridge while my wife is shouting "how much longer are you going to be up there with your hockey thing")!

    21. (247) Keller C,LW (Ott - D)
    Looking for players with upside at this point. Keller has as good of a shot as any for the Calder so a safe pick at this point.

    22. (258) Manson D
    A d-man to fill out HIT / PIM / BLK.

    23. (271) Pearson LW
    A decent bench LW who will improve from his last year numbers and can serviceably fill in when/if needed.

    24. (281) Montour D
    Played well in limited time/role last season and will get time on PP to start season with key injuries in ANA. Potential real sleeper value who eases the earlier Theodore pick.

    25. (296) Anisimov C
    Needed a streamer for Brassard early season and it was one of Rask or Anisimov. Likely drop and replace once Brassard is healthy. Rask was taken before me so this wrapped up the draft!

    All in all, I?m happy with my draft (it ain't an easy draft with this group - they'll pick your bones clean) and I believe my team has balance to compete for a top 3 position. Some tweaking, waiver wire working and potential trading will be needed but I have, I believe, a good foundation to compete against the other sharks in this tank.

    The Kings in Yellow (my homage to the HP Lovecraft mythos):

    C Monahan, Kuznetzov, Little, Brassard
    LW Ovechkin, Schenn, Maroon, N. Ritchie
    RW Simmonds, Taffoli, Palmieri, Panik
    D Subban, Shattenkirk, Ekblad, Leddy, Montour, Manson
    G Andersen, Jones
    BN Reimer, Pearson, Keller, Theodore, Anisimov
    Post draft AAR:
    A few comments / post-draft analysis of my roster:
    My favorite pick: Wayne Simmonds - a multi-cat beast in this set-up. Just need his +/- to get to neutral!
    My bargain pick: Tyler Taffoli - really happy to take him at 176 as I see him back to normal offensive numbers this season.
    My worst pick: Shea Theodore - having buyers regret. He can be sent down and he's weak on peripherals.
    My 'He could really surprise pick': Brandon Montour - great opportunity with injuries on the Ducks blue line. He made Theodore expendable and if he gains Carlisle's trust he could be hard to displace once the blue line gets healthy.
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    Default Re: 2017/18 Rocky Horror Roto Show

    Post Draft:

    My favourite pick - Filip Forsberg at end of round 3, Multi-cat coverage and should be better in PPP (9) then last year, I think he improves in points this year.
    My bargain pick - Jaden Schwartz if he stays healthy all year I like him for 60 points and drafted # 156 overall
    My worst pick - Marc Andre Fleury in Round 12, probably could have waited a couple rounds for Fleury, and if not I could have grabbed different goalies later.
    My 'He could really surprise pick' - Brock Boeser, the last overall pick of the draft and he is lighting it up in pre-season action! (4G, 2 A, 9 S0G in 3GP) - I know I shouldn't put much stock in pre-season... but I am happy with that for pick #300

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    Default Re: 2017/18 Rocky Horror Roto Show

    Fun, I'll play.

    My favourite pick (tie): Jon Drouin (round 9) & Steve Mason (round 10). I really wanted to own both players. Drouin I've been hyping on the Dobber forums all summer - and one has got to put their money where their mouth is if they are going to get on a soapbox!!! I usually don't draft non-hitting wingers, but I think he should go for 60+ and could touch 70. I've had to keep my mouth shut on Steve Mason all summer. I'm just nutty about Winnipeg's potential... everything seems there for them to be a dynamic team. Championship caliber teams usually have a high-end C1 (they do: Scheifele is there) lots of dynamic snipers on wings, and an elite level D1 and/or D2. Buff isn't Norris-level, but with Trouba/Morrissey/Myers/Kulikov/Enstrom - could this be the best 6D group in the league... I think its a maybe!!

    My bargain pick: Brayden Point in the 19th round. I think he's got 60pt potential and if either TB C1(Stamkos) or TB C2(TJ) go down... Point will be back to raking FOW. He looked very comfortable playing last year and could even squeeze onto PP1.

    My worst pick: Well, Puljujarvi in 20 probably, but that's because my internet cut-out and my "queue" was an un-ordered list of players I just wanted to have a visual on my screen. It would be awful to say I don't have one - it would be Ristolainen, but not because there is anything wrong with Ristolainen - just because Auston Matthews was on the board and I didn't see it until seconds after I clicked Risto. That said, it all sort of worked out. If I took Matthews, I'm probably not drafting one of RyJo(6), Toews(7), or Barkov(11) and I think I got really good value in all these guys. [In truth, there is a guy I'm not huge on where I drafted him - but I want to try to trade him! LOL.]

    My 'He could really surprise pick' - Mason. As said, I think Winnipeg could be really, really good. Mason was sensational in his first year with PHI. People forget that he has played behind some really shitty defenses... all those CBJ defenses were shit, and even the recent PHI defenses were shit. Philly needed a new goalie, simply because Hextall has so many in his own credit-pipeline. And Mason does give up bad playoff goals - which makes him a little like how Fleury was for PIT... but as a regular season goalie, I think he's gonna thrive with Winnipeg. I expect him to be a 10-15 level goalie this year and think he's good enough to even crack the top five.

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    Default Re: 2017/18 Rocky Horror Roto Show

    Updated the first post with team names and added a link to the draft results post. Love some of the new names already!

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