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Thread: Next year's 40 win club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pengwin7 View Post
    Agree they'll lose more man-games due to normal health/injury rates.
    However, quality NHL rookies (see McDavid, Connor... Stamkos, Steven, etc.) make BIG strides in their sophmore season.
    The Leaf rookies that were very good this year are going to be even better next year.
    There will be less defensive lapses next year.
    So even with a guy out of the line-up here & there, the team will get better. Babcock is going to have these guys clicking.
    I think TOR could leapfrog as high as the #3 position next year, win the Northeast, finish only behind WAS,PIT in the overall East.
    They are going to be really, really, really good.
    I agree with u that I don't think Toronto will regress, rather they will get better. while this is not the norm with this young team, their top young players are not your average young players. Matthews and marner are going to be two of the best players in the league one day, and as u said, those kinds of players only get better in their sophomore season.
    i'd like to offer another take on why they are less prone to regression than most young teams. looks at their division. let's say montreal stays a top team next year, let's assume tampa will get better. you've got buffalo that doesn't look ready to take the next step yet, Detroit is (should be?) rebuilding, florida was a mess this year, and I think it continues next year. next year is craig Anderson's bad year, plus remember how guy boucher did in his 2nd year in tampa (he's great in his first year, then it gets much worse). I assume Ottawa will be much, much worse next season, and probably not be a playoff team. that leaves Toronto and boston for the last 2 playoff spots, and I think boston might have overachieved a bit this year (I don't see marchand having a season like that again).
    so just looking at their division, I think they will definitely be a playoff team. even if 5 teams make it from the metro division, I like Toronto a lot more than boston next year. wouldn't surprise me if they won a round or two in the playoffs as well. I have no faith in montreal in the playoffs anymore. bergevin has made an absolute mess there (and all with just one bad trade!). if they faced off in playoffs next year, i'd pick Toronto.

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    Default Re: Next year's 40 win club

    Lovin the vas love!! I think hea got a real gwlwnuime shot at 35- but it would take some bounves to get to 40imho. He had some pretty serious slumos at a few points this year while bb was out..

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