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    Default Ray Emery

    Is there any point in holding on to him now? Is he ever going to get out of Mason's shadow or be any good in the future?
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    He might be useful for a spot start here and there depending on your team and scoring, but overall I think his time has played out. I have never been a huge fan of his play/abilities. Last year was more a result of his situation IMO and there are too many decent options in the NHL right now and waiting in the wings for him to have any real future. Just my take.

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    Really depends on your settings like Chili said. If it's a super deep league, then it's probably worth holding on to him. If it's a shallower league, nah.

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    I wouldn't worry about dropping him at this can always reacquire him if Mason gets injured or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobretti View Post
    I wouldn't worry about dropping him at this can always reacquire him if Mason gets injured or something
    So can everybody else.

    It would depend on league settings and who is available to replace him with, but even if he was healthy and had the full time job, he's still not that great and the Flyers are a goalie's nightmare. If it's only Wins that count then he could potentially have value down the road, but otherwise... yuck.

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    If you are in a large league where a lot of goalies are already taken then maybe worth holding a bit longer, but if you are in a smaller league I see no issue letting him go. Mason is clearly the guy there and running away with it. I personally let him go in a very deep league because I don't see him getting much time even with the contact. The Flyers are struggling on D, so even in a spot start I am not too trusting of Emery.

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    In a daily-start league with "points per category" (not to be confused with "separate category H2H scoring")... I'd be much more inclined to get a skater that I can sub in for points EVERY START instead of having a back-up goalie that gets 0pts if he doesn't play.

    I'd drop Emery and move on to a skater.

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