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    Extremely deep 30 team, 27 man roster league. Only stat categories worth planning for are points (even and special teams) and +/-. I won the league last year and have the lead so far this year. My D has been strong, but John Carlson is killing me. Every year I wait for the break out, and every year he's pretty average. This year he's mediocre. Someone has offered me Brian Campbell straight up for Carlson.

    I know I'd be sacrificing 11 years of age, but the production boost over the next few years could give me a better shot at more titles. Also, Campbell is a huge minus risk on a mediocre Panthers team. But he will undeniably out-produce Carlson for a while longer. Worth the age risk?
    All trade questions are for a 30 team keeper league with 27 man rosters. Scoring for skaters are accumulated from points (ES, PP, SH) and plus/minus rating.

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    Campbell is an upgrade short term so if you think he can help you win now then that's your answer. You are the one that has to decide if losing the younger Carlson (who still has a high upside) is worth it to win now. Also, you probably will get better feedback if you show your entire roster.

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    "Mediocre"??? That's putting it nicely. 2 points in 12 games doesn't scream "pick me, pick me". Listen, Carlson's ability is not in question and I believe he could fill any number of roles on a pro hockey team, but he is arguably WAS best all-round D...consistently leads the team in TOI and SH minutes...not a recipe for fantasy success. I've been holding onto him for several years in my own pool, but he's no longer prospect eligible [next summer] and he will go back into our re-draft pool unless something miraculous changes my mind this year. He's the 2nd coming of Dan Hamhuis...quiet defensively, responsible, and under-rated offensively, but rarely given the opportunity to show it.

    I would do this deal.
    10 Team [keep 10 + 4 prospects]
    Scoring F=1[g/a]; D=2[g], 1[a]; G=2[w], -1[L], 1[OT], 2[SO] Top 12 F, 6 D, 2 G count

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    I'd make that move as well. I recently just moved Carlson for Boumeester basically.
    13 Team Keeper (keep 6), Weekly H2H, Dress 6 F, 4 D, 2 G's. 1G, 1A, GA -1,S0 .1, SHO 1, W 1.5

    F: Tavares, Kessel
    D: Karlsson, Hedman
    Goalies: Rask, Crawford

    Drafting remaining roster soon

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