I'm in an 8 team league, and we only need 3 goalie starts minimum per week. We have 3 goalie positions available. How many goalies would you go with for the season? 3? 4? 2??

I'm thinking if I would be better off dropping Fasth and getting another forward to help me in those categories? Would I be crazy to shop Brodeur as well and run with 2 goalies who are both starters?

The Free Agents available are: Varlamov, Nabakov, Reimer, Elliott, Ramo, Emery, Bishop, Mason, Vokoun, Neuvirth so I dont know what kind of value Fasth even has on the trade market either.

I can pick up Downie or MacKinnon are the two that stick out at the moment. Also Read or Saad are avail.

Another thought - pick up Varlamov and trade him later, since he's off to a good start?

Thanks guys!