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Thread: Semin or Pacioretty?

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    Default Semin or Pacioretty?

    Need to choose between these 2 for my final keeper spot, which one and why?

    League in sig, I'm already dominant in hits so that shouldn't factor in the decision at all.
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    F: Crosby, Hall, Pacioretty, Callahan, Hartnell, MacArthur, Semin
    D: Karlsson, Hedman, McDonagh, Gudas, Burns
    G: Lundqvist, Quick, Mason

    Farm: Grigorenko

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    id go with semin. i feel he's a much better player. i also like the teammates he has a bit better.
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    D= green,doughty,phaneuf,wisniewski,girardi,karlsson, smid
    G= rask,lundqvist,ward,price

    FARM=kreider,grachev,enroth,kuznetsov,ennis,rundbl ad,bjugstad,radulov,montoya, adam,t.erixon,cowan,s.elliot,j.faulk,cormier,petro v,orlov,stone,eakin,grigorenko,silfverberg,brodin, atkinson,paajarvi,Nichushkin,mantha,jenner


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    hmmm I'd say break down would be

    G- Maxpac
    A- Semin
    +- = crapshoot
    PPP- wash
    PIM- Semin
    SOG- Maxpac
    Hits- Maxpac
    BKS- wash
    SHP- wash

    These guys are actually really close in my eyes. I think Maxpac will give you the edge in a few more cats, but Semin has the upside to put up numbers that I don't see from Pac.

    If you want to play it safe I probably grab Pac, if you want to swing for the fences I'd go Semin.
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    D: D Byfuglien, Z Chara, J Wisniewski, E Karlsson, R Josi,
    G: R Luongo, B Holtby, K Lehtonen
    Farm: Poulin, Kabanov, Scheifele, Trouba, Rielly, Wennberg

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    I agree, it's very close, but I'd keep Semin.

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    I hate the inconsistency that Semin carries. I simply dont trust him enough.

    Max Pac for me.
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    G-Rask, Halak, Schneider

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    I own both so I have a pretty good feel on both guys. I would much rather part ways with Semin than MaxPac at this point in time. MaxPac is 24 yrs old and already has a 30+ goal season under his belt plus he has led the Habs in points the past two seasons. With even more talented offensive players arriving, I expect those numbers to even increase as he hits the prime scoring years of his career. Semin is a solid if unspectacular forward but we most likely have seen his best years already. Also, he is 29 and I think we shouldn't expect anything more than what we have gotten recently. He is a guy that will miss some games, get you close to 30 goals and steady numbers overall, but I don't see him being better or even nearly as good as MaxPac. Fairly easy decision if I had to make one.
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    G: Lundqvist Lehtonen Schneider Nabokov

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    I'm pretty sure I'd take Max Pac.

    Max Pac
    I believe he's more consistent than Semin, but he struggled mightily to score at the start of last season, and then rebounded wonderfully. Shot totals are terrific. He should achieve significantly more in the hits department, while blocked shots are likely to be similar. He's grittier. His +- may not be quite as difficult to achieve in Montreal, however it's not been one of his strengths. Where are the Habs heading in the standings? Up? Status quo? Down? I view the Montreal roster as a bit middling, so status quo. He's also 4-1/2 years younger. In cap pools, Max has a very attractive contract, clearly making him the choice.

    Semin certainly leaves a bit to be desired for games played, having missed almost a 1/4 of the schedule in about 1/2 of his NHL seasons. His results have been a bit roller coaster in recent years. Although a solid +- guy on his career, I worry about this stat in Carolina. His +14 last year was excellent. Maybe too excellent. Is Carolina rising or simply middling? Semin is undeniably one of the finest talents in the world. Semin is more likely to finish in the top 10 in NHL scoring during a career year, than Max Pac.

    Steady or splashy becomes the big question. Do you want the guy that consistently finished 4th to 7th in NHL scoring at his position (Max Pac). Do you want the guy that finishes 2nd to 15th in NHL scoring at his position (Semin)?

    Semin certainly contributes to the Russians enigmatic image.
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    Pacioretty because he is younger and is the superior player.

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    Put it this way: I'd readily decline an offer of Semin for my Pacioretty. MaxPac is your guy in this one.
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    Patches for me. They should be relatively close in terms of points (G+A) IMO, but Patches will give you an edge in a few more peripherals (as noted above). I also would rather have the guy that brings it every night versus the guy who may or may not show up.

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    Thanks for all the replies fellas.....good points made on either side, which pretty much mirrored my views on both players. Looks like the edge goes to PAtches in this thread, and that is the way I was leaning.....while Semin has the higher offensive upside, Patches is younger, a SOG stud (which my team badly needs with H Sedin and Backstrom up front), along with better peripherals and less injury risk. Semin is actualy a really sneaky (and fairly consistent) producer of PIMS though, and think he might edge PAtches in that dept.

    One reason I did considering keepeing Semin is that I'd like to get both players back on my team (keep one, redraft one), and for some reason Patches is still really undervalued in my league (I got him off waivers when he was dropped after his appendix). I was thinking that if I kept Semin, I could likely get Patches back in the second round of our redraft while if I kept Patches, Semin would get picked a lot earlier and I probably wouldn't get him back. I would like to get him back if possible, I watched a lot of Canes games last year and he looked absolutely fantastic alongside Stall.....I feel like he is cemented on that first line in Carolina and that Stall is good insulation against production volatility from Semin. Staal doesn't help with the injury risk though, which is a definite one....Patches is apparantly superhuman and heals from anything in 2 weeks or less, which is a nice trait to have in a fantasy player
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    10 team, head-to-head, multi-cat, keep-12 keeper league. CATS: G,A,+/-,PPP,PIM,SOG,HITS BS,SHP, W,SV,SV%,GAA,SO Daily rosters of 6F,4D,2G

    F: Crosby, Hall, Pacioretty, Callahan, Hartnell, MacArthur, Semin
    D: Karlsson, Hedman, McDonagh, Gudas, Burns
    G: Lundqvist, Quick, Mason

    Farm: Grigorenko

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