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    I'm in a 14-team progressive keeper roto league. Going into this season, we can keep 9 players, and I will be protecting 3 goalies pre-draft. Niemi, Holtby, and probably Allen. W, GAA, SV%, SO. How would you strategize your draft plans for the 4th goalie?

    Karri Ramo - Should be a good goalie on a bad team. Pedigree in KHL shows potential, but we all know who Jonas Gustavsson is. May have to use a higher (4th or 5th rd) pick to get him.
    Semyon Varlamov - Pretty much same scenario as above, but probably more potential as a sleeper. Not sure how the coaching will come into play. Again, probably rd. 5.
    Jhonas Enroth - I think this guy can start in the NHL, and Miller should get dealt. I can likely let Enroth slide down to my 9th or 10th round
    Martin Biron - Won't start much, and will therefore hinder W, SO, but peripherals will be outstanding when he can play. I can likely snag him very late
    Anton Khudobin - Ward seems pretty injury prone these days, and is inconsistent. Again he can slide low
    Ray Emery - Is he the starter? Philly and Tampa are where good goalies go to die. GM's in my league tend to pay too much attention to last year's stats so they will be looking at him early. I will need to get him before rd 6.
    Steve Mason - Is HE the starter? Can he be trusted?
    Jacob Markstrom - Still not sure if he will be made available to me, and FLA is a very weak team.

    Or, other suggestions? Maybe I should leave that roster spot open for a skater, since I have 2 horses already?

    All input appreciated


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    I'd try to snatch up Varlamov, personally....I like him the most by far of the goalies you have listed.
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    I'd go with Varly too.
    If either PHI goalie falls a lot, snag him.
    But I wouldn't reach for one... too risky.

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    In a 14 team, keep-9, you are probably keeping Jake Allen? Could you post your list of drops, just out of curiousity?

    Out of the list you provided, I'd have a slight preference for Markstrom, then Varlamov. Although that's most based on my perceived value of Markstrom in the longer-term. Shorter-term, there is much less risk taking Varlamov.

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