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Thread: Holtby or Markstrom?

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    Default Holtby or Markstrom?

    Obviously Holtby is the better option next season, but long term (3 year window after that) who do you like more? Is Holtby's job secure? Markstrom has the pedigree, but Holtby is a little more proven and at least for now plays for the better team.

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    I really think Markstrom is going to be the better long term option. I really have liked him as a prospect and feel his time is just around the corner.

    Of course Holtby is the safe pick here and it's always hard to argue with that.

    IMO Markstrom has the higher upside but Holtby the safer bet, All depends on if you're a gambling man
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    That's a bit of a tough one but I'd go with Holtby. Like you said he's on a much better team and his status as an NHL starter is much more secure. Goalies are just so tough to predict that I think you need to weight experience over pedigree more than you would with a forward for example. I own Markstrom in a keeper league and as much as I think and hope that he is the real deal, if someone offered me Holtby for him straight up I think I'd take it without much hesitation.

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    Holtby. He's doing now what you hope Markstrom can do soon. Is Markstrom's upside really higher than Holtby's? I can't say I know for sure. But what I do know is that Washington will be a better team than Florida for at least the next three years.
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    Holtby. He is delivering now. Markstrom might deliver in a couple years, but we really don't know if Florida is actually going to pull it together as a team or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VincentVega View Post
    Washington will be a better team than Florida for at least the next three years.
    ^ This is sound advice and my thoughts too.
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    Holtby. As said, Wash will likely be a better squad for the foreseeable future. Markstrom needs to prove his worth at th NHL level before being considered over even semi-proven starters. This might be the year he does it, but he hasn't yet.
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