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I just came into this forum to start the exact same thread. I was blown away when I saw Bishop at 15. This is a guy who lost his starting job to a 19 year while playing for Team USA at the World Championships. Stevie Y has also already gone on record stating that he and Lindback will be platooning starts to start the season until a clear #1 emerges. So a 1A goalie is #15? Also, Bishop is now on his 3rd team in as many years. Not a good sign.

IMO Lindback was thrown under the bus in TB last season. They had/have an atrocious D and I think a lot of young goalies would have faltered in a similar situation, regardless of their talent level. Had Lindback not gotten injured I doubt Bishop would have been brought in. Lindback was on fire before he got injured. Check out his numbers from his last 5 games before the injury:

March 18 - Win, GAA = 2.01, SV% = .933 (30 Saves)
March 14 - L, GAA - 1.01, SV% - .964 (28 Saves)
March 12 - W, GAA = 2.00, SV% = .949 (39 Saves)
March 7 - L, GAA = 2.06, GAA = .929 (28 Saves)
March 5 - W, GAA - 2.00, SV% = .926 (27 Saves)
One thing to remember about those five games: They were against Philly, Islander, Florida, Winnipeg and the Devils. So four teams that never made the playoffs and one team that was the eighth seed (and was one of the losses). That doesn't exactly say that much. His three games before those five games:

March 4 against the Pens: L, 37 minutes, 3.25 GAA, .888 save percentage
Feb. 24 against Pittsburgh: Was pulled, 20 minutes, 9.00 GAA, .700
Feb. 21 against Boston: L, 59 minutes, 4.10 GAA, .846

So, sure, he looked good in a five-game stretch when he played non-playoff teams. But in actuality, only three of his 10 wins of the season came against playoff teams. His record against those teams was 3-6-1.