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Thread: Resetting expectations for Zibanejad

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    Default Resetting expectations for Zibanejad

    Trying to figure out what Zib can do for the next 3 years and his ultimate upside. Points, PIM, +/- only. Wondering if the hype is set a little too high.

    He is a natural center but with Spezza and Turris clouding the depth chart I'm wondering if he will be stuck as a scoring 2-way 3C or maybe move to the wing.
    Looks to a good plus player but sparse on the PIMs. Unsure on how to guage pts upside but you have to think maybe 50pt if he manages a 2C spot.


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    well, i am giong to honest and say I have pretty much the same question. I really think it's unanswerable right now - the Sens roster is pretty dynamic and we just can't predict how the coach will use his assets going forward. I plan to treat him as a 35-40 point 3C at this point - sorta plan for the least and hope for the best scenario.

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