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Thread: Picking my 4th and final keeper after the FA buzz

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    anyone else believe that that scoring settings change the final keeper spot at all or is it pretty unanimous to go with either Spezza or Seguin? which to me is a whole other question.
    10 team Cumulative Points Only - Keep 4
    G (3), A (2), +/- (1), PPP (1), PIM (0.25/min), S (0.4), H (0.2), Bs (0.2), FoW (0.1), W (4), Sv (0.2), SO (4), GA (-1)
    update inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CT-Chill View Post
    Yeah, I could have expanded on the scoring setup of the league.

    I meant cumulative points, total points for a full season.
    - maximum games played factors in, 164 maximum games are to be played by each of the positions except defensemen (who have a total of 328 maximum games).
    - scoring values are as such: Goals= 3pts, assist= 2pts, +/-= 1pnt, PIM's= 0.25pts/min, PPP= 1pnt, FoW's= 0.1pts, hits= 0.2pts, blocked shots= 0.2pts, shots= 0.4pts
    - goalie values: Wins= 4pts, shutouts= 4pts, goals against= -1pnt
    - We are also thinking of adding another scoring and goalie category however we're not exactly sure what -- anything from game winning goal to shoot-out goals, and adding something like save% to goalies. But none of that has been really talked about.

    Thanks for all the input so far -- with regards to Kopi vs. Spezza, I am a Kopi homer, I do still think that his ceiling is higher than what I'd peg Spezza at now. I see Spezza as a 75-80 point player with the ability to still break 85 maybe once, where as Kopi is 26 and consistently playing full seasons and putting up 75-80 with less to work with -- his goals were substantially lower than usual last season and really that is the only stat I would say changes and it will increase, so as mentioned, he would have had a 78 point season in a full season where that is still factoring in a lengthy slump of scoring goals. Maybe it's just my homerism talking who knows. With stats like hits/blocked shots, and FoW's, Kopi's value only increases in my mind since he's on the ice so much.
    I suggest you put the number of starters in your signature - as you listed max games I'll take it as 2C/2L/2R/4D,2G correct? Plus when listing max games, it's clearer to mention how many games per slot, which is 82 games, rather than total per position as that tells us it's a full season.

    Ok, so it's cumulative points so what do these players accumulate in total for the season/per game played? It's helpful to see the splits but I'm too lazy to do the calculations. Also, when looking at these totals it's important not to overvalue centres as you have FOW so it's logical they'll outproduce most wingers. It's about relative value to other players in the same position.

    That being said, I'd be curious to see what production Seguin could likely get next season (more important as only keep 4) as a RW compared to Spezza as a C. Would Seguin be a fair bit higher than other 'replacement' RW than Spezza over 'replacement' C? That is the main question. Can you provide some past numbers (maybe use Seguin's 67 point season as an example, as that could be a fair projection for him, and add some FOW to boost the total). And use Spezza's recent production before last season to see how he would fare in total, and per game (since his value is more on a per game basis). Also to add that although it's cumulative and Spezza's perceived value is less due to missing games, you can consider who would replace him to give you a total for the season.
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