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Thread: Potential injury prone forwards

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    Default Potential injury prone forwards

    A little bit different than the usual "who is injury prone?" question...

    Who have you watched play who has an aggressive, reckless style of play who could easily become a "band-aid boy" but hasn't yet?

    We always talk about the players who already have had long injury histories as band-aid boys, but there are surely some players who have basically been lucky to avoid injury. I'm talking about guys who go into the dirty areas, hit a lot, block shots, but somehow have managed to not get hurt. Sure, some players are more durable, but a lot of injuries are simply bad luck. Eventually, this type of player's luck will run out by virtue of the risks they take every game.

    Any names?
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    Forwards don't block a lot of shots (only two had more than 50 this past season), so you need to look at other things. I would look at players who are targeted by opposing players a lot, for whatever reason.

    He's not a forward, but I'm thinking someone like P.K. Subban. He irritates so much and is so good that other teams will start going after him. That could lead to a lot of extra attention not needed.

    A forward example would be Brad Marchand, but he's more protected on his team because there's so many tough players.

    I think Brendon Gallagher will be injury-prone as well. So small and plays such a tough style, I can't see him staying healthy every season. Since being drafted, he's already been injured in juniors a couple of times in back-to-back seasons.
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    Thanks for the input, newfcollins. It seems inevitable that Gallagher gets injured for the reasons you mention, good call on that one.

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