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Thread: Points next season

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    Default Points next season

    In keeper league but looking for best options next season. Points league with NHL cap which affect decisions on who to keep or go after. List with my guess for guys.

    Carter - 60-65. $5m for that points is high price
    Eller - 50-55. Cheap
    Desharnais - 40? 50? 60? No idea
    Little - 50s? How high salary though? 4m?
    Stewart - 60, salary?
    Gagner - 60+, 4-5m
    Ryan - 70.

    Bonus, what Toronto do for goalie? Reimer the man?

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    62pts, Ryan
    60pts, Carter
    55pts, Little ($4 to $4.5m)
    52pts, Gagner ($4 to $4.5m)
    50pts, Stewart ($4m)
    50pts, Eller
    48pts, Desharnais

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