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    (Spot is still available) I have a prime opening in the Grail, an Advanced Dynasty League. I’m looking for qualified candidates for the opening. The Grail has offersheets, arbitration, and is designed to promote a lot of trading. It also creates its own marketplace and salaries, which is very unique in fantasy. Basically, we as the GM's determine player salaries by what we are willing to pay them. Again, we create the marketplace. Our trade deadline this year likely had about 20 trades. The Grail utilizes almost every stat you can think of in one form or another; the categories are unique compared to any other league. The Grail is not a money league, but there is an annual fee of $9 which help covers the cost of the CBS Fantasy Commissioner and the Grail website. Please use website Contact Screen to contact me.

    Requirements for the GM position:
    The #1 requirement is communication. A GM must be proactive in improving his team and being a part of the Grail community. I realize most FHLers have many leagues they are a part of, however, the Grail MUST BE a PRIMARY league. You will not do well if you are only causally involved. The Grail requires its GM’s to be very accessible via email; having email via your phone is a plus. In fact, candidates in the IT industry or accounting related professions do well, not just with availability, but also with the vast complexities of the league. Because the league design promotes trading as the most effective way to acquire players, trade negotiations often take several emails, sometimes more, to agree on terms. Do you have regular access to email that you can normally respond on a timely manner? (within 24 hours)

    You should have also have experience in ROTO and H2H leagues. You should at least know what a Keeper or Dynasty league is, but prefer that you have experience with either. Hockey should be your #1 sport. It also helps if you are familiar with some of the duties of an actual NHL GM, such as, salary cap, difference between RFA & UFA, arbitration, offer sheets, and some knowledge of prospects. The Grail takes tries to mimic alot of the functions of a real GM.

    Please check out the website for a complete breakdown of our rules. If you feel you are ready for take on a more advanced league, please use website Contact Screen to contact me.

    **We need to fill quickly because Offer Sheets are in May, Arbitration in July, Draft starts first week of August. Our off-seasons are quite busy.

    Thank you,
    The Grail Commish

    Below are 3 separate posts I've come across on other websites by fellow Grail members. They are honest testimonials to the Grail.

    "'s the creme de la creme..."

    “...You will be overwhelmed once you get started. There are 23 scoring categories, prospects, farm players and 16 teams. I cannot stress enough how much detail is in the league. Its fun and there are a great group of guys. Daily lineup changes, free agent bidding process on a daily basis, constant trade offers. Too much to go into but its one of the best if not the best fantasy hockey league you will ever be in.”

    “…BUT I do warn you, simple Yahoo strategies do not work in the Grail. We got the best of the best in the Grail, you need hockey knowledge both pro and amateur, some economic planning, good negotiation skills, and some luck to compete. Joe has spent countless hours explaining all the rules to each of us. The Grail is the most thorough league going. The detail will just blow your mind away.”

    “...the league blows away anything Yahoo can do. I was reserved about the entrance fee myself, but if you check it out the fee does not even cover the cost of the yearly league and the website. Joe is not making anything off this league and is actually losing some money. There are so many more statistical categories and even more strategies to think about. You got a salary cap and a spending budget for free agents. You can trade draft picks, money or even your place on the waiver ladder for players. I can go on and on. Joe listens to everyone’s suggestions to help make the league a place to stay. He wants a community of hockey fanatics. I suggest you really think about trying it. I have been doing fantasy sports since 1983 and I probably will never join another Yahoo league unless its with some friends.”
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    I just want to say that I joined this league a few years back and am blown away at how amazing it is. The league itself has so much going on that it can and probably will be overwhelming at first, but it is by far one of the most challenging leagues out there with a great group of GM's. With that being said, you can't ask for a better commissioner than Joe, who is fair and honest and willing to do anything he can to help you out.

    When I joined, I picked up what I felt was a pretty lousy team, then transformed it, made some mistakes, and am now rebuilding once again.

    This team that is available is one of the best teams you could possibly ask for. Like Joe mentioned, the guy who previously ran this team won 5 straight titles before falling this year (finished 4th out of 16), so his team and his assets are phenomenal.
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    I'll echo duballstar's comments and say it's a great league. There's always activity and you've got 16 active and great GM's. I rebuilt my team and it was a lot of fun but this team is already built and is a power house.
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    1 spot has opened up in the Grail. You can contact me via the contact screen on the website or reply to this thread.

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