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    I have Steen and Perron... ya. Been trying to see who gets more PP time and ATOI , as well as who they aer paired with. For a while Steen was front runner now it seems to have been changing and I honestly am not sure when or who to play.

    Gonna be too late for today's game in a few minutes, but is it worth it for me to keep these guys? I could pair them with another guy to trade but its late in the season. SHould I be dropping them for a good prospect or just keep em on my bench until they seem like a go to option. Can't be starting everyone on my team, today I'm thinking neither but maybe Steen...
    12 team roto
    G, A, +/-, PPP, Hits ATOI
    W, SO, Sav %, GAA

    C:Thornton, E. Staal, Campbell
    LW: Elias, Perron, Steen, Dubinsky
    RW: St. Louis, Voracek, Brouwer
    D: Markov, Spurgeon, Muzzin, Burns Tyutin, ,
    G: M. Smith, Quick,Hiller & Allen
    IR: Bergie
    currently Leading A and in PPP, but only Assists has a cushion. tied for last in hits (next person is 30-40 hits ahead), middle ground in ATOI, and 4th for +/-.
    Sucking balls in goalie scoring/categories
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    If you can get any value then for sure, but that may be hard. I personally do not like owning St. Louis players. The tend to be more defensive and there offense is spread out over 3 lines, so I avoid them when possible.

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