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Thread: Is this a good trade?

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    Default Is this a good trade?

    First, the background: I'm in third place, with only a slim chance to win this year, but I don't want to give up. I also feel that I have the club to win either next season or the one after. I'm basically going all-in for the next two years. 11 teams points only keeper league, you protect any 12 players, the draft includes the leftovers and the rookies.

    I give Zetterberg - Purcell - Martin - 1st pick next season
    I receive St-Louis - Ray Whitney - Wideman - 4th pick next season

    Whitney or Purcell would be fringe keepers in my case. I would possibly keep a second defenseman in their spot. Is this a good trade? The deal is in place.

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    I don't like it. Zetter > St Louis next year imo
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    Personally I don't like it. St. Louis keeps producing but I really believe the window on him is closing fast. If he IS an upgrade over Zetts, I don't see it as being enough of one to justify giving up the 1st round pick.

    I'd prefer the Zetterberg side, or at the very least remove the pick.
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    Points only I see it as St.Louis>Zetterberg until the day he retires. Age is more of a factor with Zetts than MSL. He is an iron-man that consistantly puts up points and rarely misses any time on the ice. As long as he is playing with Stammer, which he will for the next couple years, I see no reason you wouldn't trade for him. With your plan of making a run for the next couple years, I think Whitney and MSL are the exact pieces you need for a run. Consistent vets are priceless to a contender.

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    I don't like this deal. Your side will help you more in the next couple....pass
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    I'm fine with the deal except for the draft picks , straight swap would be fine.

    Maybe worth a swap 0f your 1st for his 2nd but , there are some potential studs available next season and you'll likely lose out on any of them if you move your 1st.

    JC gave some sound advice , every year it's don't take Jagr to early , Selanne will retire , Koivu is getting too old , St. Louis will die at any moment , lol!
    Oh and my favorite Alffie just won'y be able to keep up , LMAO!

    These are the true steals of most points only drafts and many roto drafts.

    If you're really in it to win it , then i'd say go for it but , if you can eqal the playing field more with the picks I'd do so.

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    I think you have to treat MSL as better than Zetts until he factually isn't. Right now MSL has 33% more points than Zetts. Even a significant decline would leave them on par. I mush prefer Wideman to Martin many years of history have Wideman as a great point producer and Martin as fantasy irrelevant - I think this was a good 'sell high' high on your part. As for Whitney and Purcell, well, I don't know to be honest.

    I think this deal will help you in the next two years, and while it is risky for a couple of reasons, I think it still accomplishes what you're looking for.
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    Thanks guys for the replies.
    I guess it really comes down to whether or not you consider MSL as an ugrade over Zetterberg... Personally I do, in a two years window. It is a gamble though, no doubt about it. In another thread, I tried to gage how many elite years MSL had left in the tank. Almost everyone was pretty sure he had at least one, and I'd say the majority thought he had two or more. We'll see in time.

    Also to consider, Wideman might become a keeper on my roster too, I believe he'll be relied upon a lot next year (no Bouwmeester anymore) so even on an awful roster he should put up the points.

    But I also understand your concerns about the picks... I'm dealing with a good buddy of mine, who's last and who doesn't know as much about hockey as the rest of the GMs... so I guess it's clouding my judgement haha, I want to help him at the same time!

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    I traded Zetts and my first for St. Louis and a second a few weeks back. Same thing as you: points only, draft can be anyone dropped plus rookies, etc.

    I feel the same as the last few commenters: St. Louis will be better than Zetterberg for at least the rest of this season, and next year. At the time I did the deal, I did some research and found out that out of something like the last six years, St. Louis has outpointed Zetts in every season but one. I expect that to continue.

    Plus, how long have we heard that St. Louis doesn't have much left? Yet here we are, and St. Louis is third in points.

    Like JAMZ said: You have to treat St. Louis as the better option until he isn't anymore.
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