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Thread: Was offered Dupuis for Oshie

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    Default Was offered Dupuis for Oshie

    A month ago! I rejected but looking back had I accepted my team would be ahead 10 goals and +20. That has been some of the difference between Dupuis and Oshie. Now the Dupuis owner has put him on the block again. I feel Oshie for Dupuis is not a good move in a keeper. I like Oshie more but for the rest of this year, could Dupuis maintain his torrid pace? Would he outproduce Oshie significantly? I doubted him a month ago but he's proved me wrong.

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    The problem now is with Iggy in Pittsburgh, it might limit Dupuis chances if he starts to slow down. A couple of bad games, and he might end up on the third line. It's a tough call, but if you're going for the win, I like Dupuis the rest of the season. Go with the guy playing with the best player in the world.
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