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    Hey folks. Been a fun, yet frustrating year. Lol.

    Anyway, am going to be keeping 4 dmen: OEL, Schultz, shatts....and one of kulikov/spurgeon/franson.

    Who would be your choice as your 4th, and why?

    Am leanimg towards kulikov, cuz IVe always liked this kid.
    12 team pts only A -1pt, G - 2pt, DG +2, PPP +1, SHG +2, GWG +3, W - 4, SO - 6, keep 14 (8-4-1-1)

    Tavares, Benn, Eberle, Seguin, Couture, Ennis, Horton, Turris, Vrbata, hartnell, Stepan, Boyes, Whitney, read (bn)
    OEL, Schultz, Shattenkirk, Kulikov, beauchemin, franson, spurgeon (bn one a week)
    Quick, Miller, halak (BN)

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    Kulikov, highest upside between the three and best opportunity. If franson gets moved where he is number one guy, then id be pressed to hold onto him.

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