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Thread: Suter vs Weber

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    Default Suter vs Weber

    Deep 15 team keeper fantasy points league, option to aqcuire one of the following has come up, Players have 3 year contracts then become free agents.

    Which one has the brighter next 2 seasons? (2 more years left on both there contracts)
    Suter (MIN) started out terrible and has caught fire, is only 2 points behind Letang for the lead
    Weber (NAS) struggling supporting cast, probably gets more goals then Suter, but who knows

    Goals = 1pt
    Assists = 1pt
    Power Play Goals = 2pts
    Power Play Assists = 1pt
    Game winning Goals = 2pts
    Short Handed Goals = 2pts
    +/- = differential +=1pt -=-1pt

    In the past I would say Weber no doubt, but Fantasy purposes now, Suter might have the better supporting cast around? Thoughts

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    Shea Weber.
    Weber's cannon of a shot is still the #1 option for the Nashville PP.

    Suter is going to move the puck to M.Koivu/Parise/Heatley and shoot a little less often. I think it's possible that Suter could outpoint Weber... but I think Weber is more likely to put up PPG... and with the +2pts for that, I'd stay with Shea.

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