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Thread: Urgent help needed! REPPPP

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    Again excuse the grammar! My phone is shit and I'm playing poker. Just need to make sure you get Ovie. That's a good, convincing post none the less. LOL
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    On one hand I think that with your scoring this league doesn't exactly play to where Ovechkin even in down years is still a beast but on the other hand this isn't asking a lot.

    Benn is nice but Ovechkin is better regardless of the scoring format so that upgrade is awesome. I really like Justin Schultz but you gotta give something for the upgrade, right? An 11th overall pick really isn't much in the grande scheme. I'll bet if you play the waiver wire right you end up with a prospect close to as good. Those future picks are so far down the road that they border on irrelevant.

    Now I personally refuse to give up any future 1sts just because they appreciate so much in value the closer you get to using them and there's a long shot chance that at some point they turn into a lottery ticket but if this is what it takes for such a substantial upgrade then I'd do it but if possible I'd finagle my way into not giving up that 1st and instead making it a 2nd but you gotta read your opponent and decide if you can risk being that stingy.
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    Consolidate quality - an old saw in fantasy hockey but still as valid now, as when it was formulated. I think the Ovechkin owner is getting hosed here.
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    Benn, a prospect (Schultz) and a couple of "what ifs" for Alexander Ovechkin? Come on! Great deal on the table for you there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbabybuda View Post
    Of course you do the deal. Ovie is the second most skilled player in the world and the only player even capable of hanging with Crosby and your giving up the over hyped Benn and a good d prospect. Its a no brainer and check the record if you want I have always stated that he would return to form. It was/is obvious and has nothing to do with him being on my sig. I just got him a month or so ago from another foolish owner who forgot whom many felt was as good as Crosby. He may not be that good but he is the next best thing and is about to make a hole lot of people eat crow.
    I couldn't agree more and I am biased since I own both Benn and OV8 😁
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    i think this is a no-brainer really, you are getting one of the best players in the world for a couple of guys with upside, and a couple of picks. Ya it hurts to trade Benn, but IMO you have to trade elite to get elite, and Benn isnt elite.

    OV is on fire right now and doesnt look to be slowing down, make the deal before the price goes up.
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    This thread makes me feel better about acquiring Ovechkin for Eriksson, Halak and Franson a month ago....
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCamelToews View Post
    This thread makes me feel better about acquiring Ovechkin for Eriksson, Halak and Franson a month ago....
    Hahaha, That was a good deal for you!

    Very much appreciate all the input guys. I accepted the deal, and really hope to capture my first championship with the team I have now.
    I will Rep those who haven't when it allows me!
    Thanks again!

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