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Thread: Thoughts on Elliott in a keeper league...

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    Default Thoughts on Elliott in a keeper league...

    After an amazing season last year, he has rotted on my bench all year.

    Is he worth keeping through to next year, or time to move on? Seems pretty clear to me that he's never going to see meaningful play time again in St Louis with the way Allen is playing.

    Any chance he gets a starting role somewhere else? Is he good enough to get a starting role? Were his numbers last year some incredible cosmic fluke?

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    It's definitely time to move on--Elliott is terrible. Everyone got all jazzed up because he had one good season in a perfect storm of a situation--great team, great coaching, and he stepped in and played well at the right time and was able to ride the wave. The Elliott you're seeing this year is the real Brian Elliott. He has below average starter's potential, and that's about it.

    As far as his keeper value, I'd say it's pretty low unless he somehow lands a Mike Smith-type offseason signing that sees him going to the Predators...and even then he's not as talented as Mike Smith so it's not even a fair comparison. Can Elliott play well in spurts? Sure. But so can every other backup goalie in the NHL. If this is a full keeper, I'd sell him as quickly as possible and try to get some value from him while he still has any at all; if this is a partial keeper, you should've dropped him a looooong time ago.

    Maybe you can target someone like Khudobin in a trade? Or drop Elliott and pick up Desjardins if you need immediate help?
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    I've given up. I'm sure he's capable of being a quality tender again. Some of these guys just keep popping back up but right now you aren't going to get anything in return for him (not that you shouldn't try) and he's probably just collecting dust on your bench. At this point in the season you should be thinking in more of a one-year mindset so he's a guy to cut loose for some stretch help.
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    Allen has blown past him for the #2 spot and is even knocking on door #1. time to cut bait on Elliott, hes donesky.
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    Elliott owes Mr. Ken Hitchcock a Christmas card and nice present every year for the rest of his life, solely for the way Hitch's system last year made Elliott into a one-year NHL and fantasy superstar.

    The ride's over. Cut him. Quickly.
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