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Thread: Hard decision - what to do with Schneider

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    Default Hard decision - what to do with Schneider

    Seriously need input here. Here's what you need to know (league details in sig).

    1. Got great value when drafted Schneider at $7 (King=$30, Quick=$28, etc). Can keep Schneider next year for $9 total (again great value) and $11 in year 3, etc. Short story, he's a great keeper.

    2. I'm looking like a lock for this week's matchup which will give me a record of 6-2 with 3 weeks left. By my calculations if you go 7-4 you're locked in the playoffs (top 4 of 10 get in). So i'm looking pretty good and feel I have legit chance to win.

    3. Schneider is killing me this year! I have Holtby who's become my #1 starter. Using the schedule calculator I figure ou that if WAS plays him every game and VAN plays Schneider every game that doesn't conflict with WAS's games...Schneider would give me 8 extra starts. Lets splits those and he's basically going to give me 4-5 starts.

    4. I have the option to drop him and pick up one of Hiller, Kipper or Dubnyk. All of which would give me 12+ extra starts on top of Holtby's remaining starts.

    So question is clear. Is one of those G (Hiller, Kipper, Dubby) at stay 10 starts better Schneider at 4-5 starts BUT I lose Schneider as a good value keeper going forward.

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    I would keep Schneider. The other goalies either split starts as well, and won't post up good numbers. I'd rather the guy who will play four games well than the guy who will play eight games and get bad numbers.

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